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Good Bone Broths

February 11, 2016
Broth with serious flavor—a novel idea!

We love to drink bone broth for its warm, nourishing benefits. But, admittedly, the taste of bone broth’s animal essence rarely inspires a flavor party on our tongues. We’re usually not that jazzed by the ho-hum flavor of vegetarian broths either.

Rhys Cazenove, the creator of local broth purveyor Brothee, has changed that. He’s created a lineup of luxurious, flavor-dense broths—including beef, chicken and vegan mushroom varieties—that are intended to be paired with Brothee’s signature ghee- and coconut oil-based flavor infusions.

The broths, even on their own, are seriously delicious. Conventional store-brought bone broths can be watered down, but Brothee’s rich versions are made with a pound of bones per jar and a bounty of vegetables and herbs. Brothee sources pasture-raised, grass-fed beef bones, free-range chicken bones (both organic) and primarily organic, local produce. The top-notch ingredients and long simmer times result in complex broths that are satisfying as a beverage and work well in cooking. They’re gluten-free, sugar-free, nightshade-free and low in sodium.

But the flavor infusions really take things up a notch. Cazenove is emulating with broth what Dave Asprey did for coffee: adding good, flavorful fats to the beverage to up the taste experience and nutritional punch. When you visit the Brothee stand at one of ten farmers markets across the city, you can choose your broth (8-ounce cup, $8; 16-ounce jar, $15) and have it whirred in a blender until frothy with an infusion ($1 per cup; 2-ounce jar, $5): herbaceous basil pesto ghee, spicy harissa ghee or (coming soon) vegan sweet potato and orange coconut oil.

The zing of the infusions makes the broths taste astoundingly good. Trust us, your taste buds will totally be getting down.


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