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Looking For a Great Clean Wine? We Have The Solution.

October 19, 2018

You work hard to eat clean whenever possible—we see you. Harder still: Finding clean, organic wine at your local grocery or liquor store.

Good news: The online healthy-goods store we’re obsessed with, Thrive Market, has added wine to its extensive list of awesome products. And not just any wine—like all of the products on its virtual shelves, Thrive has carefully curated its wine list to make sure every bottle is organic and biodynamic, with no added sugar or unnecessary additives and minimal sulfites added during the winemaking process. Plus, each has been meticulously sourced for low environmental impact, handpicked for amazing taste, and is affordably priced, starting at just $12.

Finding truly clean wine is no joke. Since wine isn’t regulated by the FDA, commercial winemakers don’t have to tell us what’s in their bottles, and there are up to 60 chemical materials that can be added to wine without a mention on the label (yikes). Luckily, the folks at Thrive are as nutso about this as we are, so they partnered with a team of passionate winemakers, farmers, and sommeliers to offer the cleanest and best-tasting wines they could find. That includes some imported varieties that haven’t been readily available in the U.S. until now.

The best part: You can try it out right now at a very special discount. Thrive Market is offering Clean Plates readers an extra 25% off your first purchase plus a free 30-day trial. That’s 25% off the already low prices that Thrive Market offers, and free shipping. Simply enter your email to sign up for your account and you’re good to go.

Don’t wait—now is the perfect time to try out Thrive.

Why are we obsessed with Thrive? They offer thousands of the best-selling organic foods and natural products you love at up to 30% off traditional retail prices. That includes non-GMO food, tasty snacks, supplements, personal care products, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, safe and nontoxic beauty products, kitchen staples, organic baby and kids products, and more.

Plus, shopping there is a breeze; you can filter by gluten-free, raw, vegan, Paleo, and more, and shipping is always free on orders over $49. As for the $60 membership price, you’ll make it back in discounts in your first couple of orders—and for every membership fee it collects, Thrive gives a free one to a low-income family, public school teacher, military veteran or first responder. If that isn’t enough, Thrive Market is 100% carbon neutral and certified through All of their packaging, boxes, and inserts are made from recycled materials and are recyclable, and their certification covers national shipping, packaging materials, warehouse utilities, and even their team’s commutes.

We know you’ll love Thrive as much as we do. Check them out, save big bucks on your fave products, grab your wine discount, and know you’re doing something good for others and for the planet, too. Happy Friday!

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