Our Approach

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Our Approach, a.k.a. How We Think About Healthy

We won’t ever tell you to follow a specific diet. And we certainly won’t judge you for having a glass of wine or a hamburger or a slice of chocolate cake. But we do have a few core beliefs to help you on your journey to becoming your best self. 

1. Healthy eating is personal

We believe in personalized nutrition, which is based on bio-individuality, which is really just a science-y way of saying that everyone is unique. And everybody — your partner, your friend, your co-worker, your mother — has unique dietary needs. In other words: Just because your work wife feels like a million bucks now that she’s living the keto lifestyle does not mean keto is right for you. We’re here to help you discover what is right for you, i.e. which foods make you feel amazing (and which ones don’t), so you can develop your own path to healthy eating and living.

2. But some things are universal.

We emphasize a whole foods-based, nutrient-dense approach to eating. We believe in choosing the best quality ingredients that you can afford, rather than counting macros or calories. And we think that everyone can benefit from eating more vegetables, fewer processed foods, and less sugar. (Eat more sugar, said no one, ever.) 

3. And mindset matters.

We prefer to look at the glass as half-full. Progress is more important than perfection, small changes can lead to radical improvements, and life — and food — are meant to be enjoyed. Our goal is for you to have a relationship with food that is full of joy and free from guilt, confusion, and anxiety. A healthy mind creates a healthy body, and vice versa.

Our Story, a.k.a. How We Got Started

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More than a decade ago, Clean Plates founder Jared Koch resolved his lifelong struggles with chronic irritable bowel syndrome, low energy, and poor immunity through healthier eating. What began as a personal journey has evolved into a mission to help you discover the foods, habits, and lifestyle choices that work best for you. 

That’s why we’re here, in a nutshell. We can’t promise you a simple answer to what healthy looks like (there isn’t one, we swear!), but we can promise we’ll arm you with the knowledge and the tools you need to become your very own healthy eating expert. 

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Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"Jared's nutritional advice in Clean Plates has the power to transform your individual health and our collective well-being."

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Oprah Winfrey

"Jared Koch and Jill Silverman Hough, co-authors of The Clean Plates Cookbook, are experts at using produce and other intrinsically healthy ingredients in ingenious ways."

Mark Hyman, M.D.

Mark Hyman, M.D.

"Whether you want to stay trim or re-boot your eating habits entirely, Jared Koch's expert nutritional advice makes eating well simple and delicious."