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The Surprising Good-For-You Products You Can Buy at Costco

September 3, 2019

We all know (and love) Costco for bulk TP, rotisserie chicken, and surprisingly good in-house wine, but the mega-store is a destination for so much more than crowd-size bags of potato chips. In fact, there are plenty of healthy options if you know just know where to look.

From collagen supplements to a one-ingredient breakfast hack, you’ll want to read this list of what every wellness warrior should check out on their next trip this favorite superstore.


All the Nuts

“Pretty much all nuts are healthy snack,” says Sheela Prakfash, RD. “Costco sells all your favorites at a more wallet-friendly price than grocery stores. I especially love their Snacking Nuts, which are pre-portioned bags of almonds, peanuts, and cashews for extra-easy snacking.” Keep bags stashed in your office desk (to avoid vending machine temptation) or in your car so you can be prepared for a good decision when the cravings for something salty and satisfying strikes.

Probiotic supplements

Youtheory® Collagen

Have you heard the buzz about collagen? This structural protein is the foundation for healthy skin, hair, joints, bones and more. The best way to get it is through hydrolyzed collagen supplements by Youtheory®, a top quality manufacturer of health and beauty products. “This special type of collagen has undergone a cold-enzyme process that breaks protein into small peptide chains and free amino acids,” says the company’s chief science officer, Dr. Nick Bitz. This makes the collagen easy to absorb—so you can reap all the benefits quickly.

Almond butter

Almond Butter

Walk into a Costco a few years ago and you’d be hard pressed to find almond butter on the shelves. But that’s no longer the case these days. You can get everyone’s favorite nut butter (move over peanuts) here and plan for endless protein-packed smoothies, energy bites, and toast. Sheela Prakash, RD like to have it on hand since it’s such a high-protein and healthy-fat filled spread she can use from breakfast to dessert. “Regular-sized jars at the grocery store can be expensive, it’s worth stocking up on the giant jars at Costco,” she says.

Canned tuna fish in bowl

Canned Salmon

“Canned salmon is always a money-saving choice but Costco’s canned salmon is wild, rather than farmed, which means it’s not only environmentally-friendly, it’s a richer source for vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats,” says Prakash. Having this good-for-you protein in your pantry means salmon cakes or a quick salad are just a few steps away.

Make it Easier

We know you’ve got a long list of to-do’s, and we want to help make things a little easier and breezier. Because, let’s face it, most of the time, it’s the small stuff — like packing a lunch, getting in a quick walk, or even figuring out what’s for dinner — that stresses us out. We’re here to help with advice and insights from influencers and experts. Stay tuned for tips, tools, and strategies designed to make your life simpler, healthier and more delicious.

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