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The Pantry Staple That Also Belongs in Your Beauty Routine

December 10, 2020
Photo Credit: Jill Chen

Coconut oil has generated a lot of buzz in recent years. It’s been praised as a superfood and also called pure poison for its high saturated fat content. Here’s what we like about this versatile oil: It’s great for baking, since it is 100% fat. And it’s great for cooking, thanks to its high smoke point. It has zero cholesterol and it contains plant sterols, which may help block the absorption of cholesterol

It has another benefit too.

Coconut Oil Is the Best Makeup Remover

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Coconut oil is my favorite make-up remover. It’s cheap and organic and effective on all your makeup (waterproof or not). Here’s what you do:

Start with a dry, not wet, face. Warm a quarter-size amount of oil in your fingers by rubbing them together. Next, apply the oil to your face and massage into your skin, taking care around your eyes. Wipe the oil (and all your makeup) off with a cotton round or a washcloth — and you’ll never look back.

If you’ve never used coconut oil on your skin before — especially on your face — be sure to patch test it before adding it to your beauty routine. And, if you don’t already have organic coconut oil in your pantry, you can buy a big jar of the stuff at any supermarket. Or pick up these packets at Trader Joe’s. They’re perfect for removing makeup when you’re traveling or on-the-go.

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