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How Clean Is Your Skin (Is It Too Clean)?

September 14, 2018

Are you too clean?

That probably isn’t a question you think about much. But yes, you actually can be. We cleanse and clean and sanitize our skin all the time, forgetting that, like our guts, our skin has a microbiome with tons of beneficial bacteria, and overdoing the cleaning can do more harm than good.

How do we know? Think about this: We have more products than ever before designed to clean our skin every which way, and yet we also have more and more skin sensitivities, allergies, and other ailments. Plus, we’re always looking to manage oily or dry skin, and fight dullness and, well, body odor (there, we said it).

One way to keep those all-important good bacteria on your skin balanced—and make it look and feel gorgeous—is to use shampoo, moisturizer and other products that are plant-based, free of fragrances and preservatives, and made with minimal ingredients. Our fave brand: Mother Dirt.

Their product we’re currently most obsessed with is AO+ Mist. This probiotic body spray contains a strain of live bacteria that eat the ammonia in your sweat and convert it into healthy components that clear up rough, bumpy skin, balance both oily and dry skin, improve clarity and tone, fight odor, and more. You take a probiotic for your gut—here’s one for your skin, and it actually recycles your sweat. How awesome is that?

Along with the mist, Mother Dirt offers a face and body cleanser, shampoo and moisturizer. All are clinically tested, good for every skin type, plant based—and best of all, they’re good for the whole family. Now is the perfect time to try them all, because Mother Dirt is offering Clean Plates readers 20% off, plus free shipping (U.S. only). Just use the code CLEANPLATES20 at checkout, and get ready to enjoy the healthiest-looking, freshest, most beautiful skin ever. Mother Dirt is also available on Amazon.

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