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August 31, 2020

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43 and up

You have a good idea of what work tends to work for you (and what doesn’t)! Keeping up a great routine with healthy habits comes easily to you, but there’s always room for improvement. Your Wellness Tune-Up is an opportunity to try something new, shake up your routine, and see if you can tweak your lifestyle to feel even better — give it a shot!

22 to 42

You have days when you feel great, and days when you feel less-than-optimal — that’s normal! With your score, chances are high that you may feel like you’re playing a game of wellness roulette from day-to-day, and aren’t sure which days you’ll feel worse than others. Your Wellness Tune-up is the perfect way to celebrate the aspects of your everyday health that are already going great — while working to optimize some that could use improvement.

21 and under

Don’t worry, we all struggle with our health from time to time. Getting started with healthy habits can feel overwhelming, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. The good news is that Your Wellness Tune-up is the best place to start because we focus on doing just one thing each day — by Day 10, your score will have improved by leaps and bounds.

Ready for Your Wellness Tune-Up?

Whether you need better-quality sleep, to eat healthier, or to manage stress a bit better, we could all use a healthy tune-up now and again. But with just a few tweaks, we can bring things back into balance. Having a guide makes it easier, and that’s why Clean Plates wants you to join us for a free 10-day course that will help you move the needle on all aspects of your health.

Over the next 10 days, we’re going to give you one easy-to-accomplish, research-backed way to boost your wellness — and provide plenty of encouragement along the way. Your Wellness Tune-Up can give you the inspiration you need to make big changes happen in your life… all thanks to small, thoughtful choices. Check your inbox for your first email!

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