Go Go Getaway

At Treehouse Retreats relaxation and living well's the key

Treehouse Retreats
Everything about Treehouse Retreats invites you to unwind.

July 4, 2017

You may want to give your landlord notice now, because once you visit Heather Cox’s idyllic Treehouse Retreats, you might want to stay forever.

What makes Treehouse Retreats different from other retreat centers out there? There’s the intimate nature of the drop-dead gorgeous Amagansett house, to start. The A-frame structure is awash in sun and white linens and accommodates only six guests at a time (women only; sorry guys). Everything about the space invites you to unwind from the stresses of the city and learn how to live a balanced, sustainable, healthy life without going to extremes.

Sign up for a one-day Pilates workshop with a family-style vegetarian lunch this August or a weekend-long yoga immersion this October. While you are there, you can also hang out on the beach, go stand-up paddle boarding or hit up a local farm stand. Or, just soak up the lazy, hazy Treehouse vibe and sleep if that’s what you need.

Heather, who is also the one-woman-show behind the popular food blog Eat. Real. Food says, “My vision is to teach people that you CAN indulge in the good stuff occasionally and still be ok!”