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9 Products That Will Actually Make You Excited to Workout

December 14, 2022
Courtesy of Supernatural

We understand that working out is important, but that doesn’t change that sometimes it’s really hard to get motivated. We’re tired, we are busy, and sometimes we just don’t feel like getting up and going to the gym – or exercising at all, if we’re being honest. But sometimes, the best way to get going and get our body moving is just to have the right workout products.

These workout products make us feel so good while we’re exercising that we’ll actually be excited to keep up the habit—and that is a big part of the battle toward being a healthier version of ourselves. Before we know it, we may actually love exercise.

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1. Beyond Yoga Racerback Cropped Tank and Leggings Set

Courtesy of Beyond Yoga

Much like having a great dress encourages you to go out, there are times having high-quality, cute gym clothes inspires you to workout. Sharing a couple of items from Beyond Yoga (women-owned and -led activewear and athleisure, made in LA) makes the cutest matching set: best-selling Racerback Cropped Tank and High Waisted Midi Legging w/ Pockets They are both made from Beyond’s buttery soft, iconic Spacedye fabric and they’re moisture wicking and easy to care for.

Buy now: Racerback Cropped Tank ($66) and High Waisted Midi Legging w/ Pockets ($99)

2. Supernatural

Courtesy of Supernatural

Have a VR headset collecting dust in your home? Put it to good use and use it for your workout thanks to Supernatural! Available on Meta Quest and Quest 2 headsets, Supernatural is a VR workout experience that combines the best music, coaches, and movements while immersing you in the world’s most beautiful destinations (like the Great Wall!) The program offers a series of fast-paced movement workouts that are fun, along with soothing meditations for cooling down and resetting. The experience comes with a Companion App for iPhone and Android that lets you track your progress, connect with the community, explore the library of workouts, and more!

Buy now: Supernatural, starting at $19/month

3. iHome Playglow Mini

I’ll be honest, I have no shot of working out if there’s not a playlist I can use to help set the mood. That’s part of why I was so into Zumba for years. That music is so great, it made me want to get moving, and stay moving. I was having so much fun, I forgot I was working out. Sometimes all you need is a good playlist to get you moving. The iHome Playglow Mini is a rechargeable color-changing waterproof Bluetooth speaker. So that means it can be used anywhere all the urge for movement with a musical backdrop hits you.

Buy now: Home Playglow Mini, $35

4. Quokka Run Headlamp

Safety is of paramount concern, and sometimes worrying about the risks associated with a workout can derail us before we even get started. Days are getting shorter and if you are a runner, you may be worried about a way to add some light to your route so you can be more aware of your surroundings. The Quokka Run is lightweight, and perfect for anyone who loves to run at dawn or dusk. It will light up even the darkest path and is USB rechargeable.

Buy now: The Quokka Run, $22

5. Bellabeat Spring Water Bottle

This smart water bottle is a lot more than a vessel to hold your lemon water. It can maintain your hydration data via its connection to the Bellabeat app and even send you regular reminders to maintain your hydration habit based on the ideal amount of water necessary for your specific body based on your activity level, age, height, weight, local weather, and even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Staying hydrated won’t only make you look and feel your best but will help you endure that workout.

Buy now: Bellabeat Spring Water Bottle, $79

6. yFOY Morning Energy Booster

Courtesy of yFOY

It’s really rough getting started in the morning, even if your entire plan is coffee, shower, and out the door and to work or school. But if you are trying to go for a run or any other workout, you just may need an energy boost beyond that espresso. This yFOY MorninG Energy Booster is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and, yes – caffeine – to support metabolism, boost calorie burn and also help to increase energy and focus so your mind and body are primed for that workout.

Buy now: yFOY Morning Energy Booster, $20

7. The Progress Over Perfection Planner

Courtesy of Honestly Jamie

What does a planner have to do with developing an active lifestyle and maintaining a regular workout routine? Everything! If it’s the right planner, of course. The Progress Over Perfection Planner is not just your average planner where you schedule your doctor appointments and brunch dates, but rather a six-month undated planner, full of planning and motivational tactics. The planner is about making progress toward your goals and feeling good about that journey – as if any effective change in lifestyle.

Buy now: The Progress Over Perfection Planner, $45

8. Pikmin Bloom

Courtesy of Pikmin Bloom

Fitness trackers give people tangible data about their workouts. This can be an incentive by making people want to beat their previous bests and also seeing the improvements in their metrics as they become more fit over time—while having fun! Pikmin Bloom is more than a simple pedometer. It tracks your steps, takes note of where and how far you go, and it tries to motivate you to get more steps in and reach your goals. It offers physical incentives and keeps things fun and interesting rather than being totally focused on just the stats. Fun is a great motivator!

Download now: Pikmin Bloom, free

9. Chelsea Charles’ Count Me Healthy Bracelets

We love this bracelet because it feels like a wearable tracker and motivational health journal in one product. Use the bracelet to track and count goals from how much water you have in the day to workout goals, and you move the beads from one spot to another to track progress. It’s like jewelry and a fitness tracker all in one.

Download now: Chelsea Charles’ Count Me Healthy Bracelets, $59

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