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5 Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools That Take the Stress Out of Cooking

October 25, 2022

In theory, a holiday centered on good food and gratitude should feel like a joyous occasion. But with the pressure to whip up unforgettable dishes — plus all the extra mouths to feed — Thanksgiving is often a recipe for stress.

Fortunately, when armed with the right Thanksgiving kitchen tools, you can save a lot of time and energy (and actually enjoy the big day). Here’s a short list of Thanksgiving kitchen tools that help you make the best holiday crowd-pleasers — without all the stress.

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1. 8-in-1 Cooker

A common Thanksgiving conundrum is having way too many dishes and nowhere near enough oven space. When this happens, it’s helpful to have an extra cooker that can lighten your load. This 8-in-1 cooker does exactly that. Replacing 14 different cooking tools, it can make anything on your Thanksgiving menu, from slow-cooked stuffing to baked sweet potato casserole. It’s well worth the investment, and with a WellzyPerks membership, you can get 15% off!

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2. Baking Sheet + Cooling Rack

If you don’t have a baking sheet with a cooling rack, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to get one. This slight elevation makes the difference between evenly baked goods and those that are burnt to the bottom of the sheet. Plus, the baking sheet itself has a naturally non-stick surface, so there will be no scraping, scrubbing, or crying involved.

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3. 7-Cup Food Processor

Chopping veggies for hours on end can really do a number on your arms — and you need that energy for more important activities, like carving the turkey, hugging family members, and shoveling pie into your mouth. This extra-large food processor takes care of all your slicing, dicing, and chopping needs with just the touch of a button. It also comes with five different blades for handling every ingredient, from hard root veggies to soft stretchy dough. Save 21% on this kitchen staple with WellzyPerks.

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4. Wireless Meat Thermometer

Nothing takes you out of the holiday spirit like having to get up every half an hour to check on the turkey. This wireless meat thermometer lets you pre-set the turkey temperature and “doneness” level, and then completely forget about it until the timer tells you it’s cooked to perfection. The best part: the remote has a 300-foot range, so you won’t be trapped in the kitchen.

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5. Reversible Wood Cutting Board

Almost as stressful as cooking Thanksgiving dinner is the cleanup job after. You can make it a whole lot easier by using a turkey carving board that catches all the juices so they don’t ruin your countertops. This extra-thick wood cutting board has juice grooves and handles for easy turkey transport. It also doubles as an elegant charcuterie board for your lifesaving pre-dinner snacks.

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