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16 Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Dry January That Don’t Actually Suck

December 22, 2023
Kiersten Hickman for Clean Plates

Six months ago, I decided to stop drinking. I made the decision for my health and well-being, and after six months of not choosing to pour myself a glass of wine at the end of each day, I found many aspects of my life immensely improved. I sleep better, I’m clear-minded, my skin is clear, and I am honestly just happier. But of course, our culture favors drinking alcohol — especially during special events, like birthdays or holidays. So what does a non-drinker do in those times of need? They look for non-alcoholic drinks so they have something to sip on with everyone else. Because club soda honestly gets a little boring after a while…

Thankfully, we are certainly in an age where not drinking is becoming more and more favored. According to Statista, the non-alcoholic drinks market is now worth $447.4 billion and is expected to grow over 5% in the next five years. There are hundreds of non-alcoholic drinks out there to choose from now thanks to the booming interest.

But…are they even any good? With a particular desire to find the best of the best, I put my taste buds to the test to determine the best-tasting non-alcoholic drinks on the market right now. I tried a series of non-alcoholic wines, beers, sparkling beverages, spirits, apertifs, and some drinks that aren’t exactly claiming to be “alternatives” at all. After tasting a lot of rather bad takes on non-alcoholic drinks, I was able to determine 16 that I would deem worthy of purchasing.

So if you are looking to quit, or you’re simply in need of a few beverage ideas to get you through Dry January, here are my favorite non-alcoholic drinks to buy that don’t actually suck.

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1. Thomson & Scott – Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé

In my opinion, the best non-alcoholic wines are the ones where alcohol was removed from a previously fermented wine. These wines are typically labeled with “alcohol removed” or “dealcoholized” such as this one. This rosé tastes just like the real thing with a perfect balance of dry and sweet with every delicious sip. If you’re more of a traditional sparkling wine drinker, their Sparkling Chardonnay is also a particular favorite of mine.

Buy now: Thomson & Scott – Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé

2. Hop Water Blood Orange

This is your perfect mix of a hard seltzer and a beer — but without the alcohol, of course. Hop Water gives this sparkling beverage an extra hoppy finish versus just cracking open sparkling water. Blood Orange is my personal favorite, but the Mango comes in a very close second.

Buy now: Hop Water Blood Orange

3. Leitz x Boisson – Blanc

One of my current favorite non-alcoholic whites is a recent release for Boisson — one of the main stores that sell non-alcoholic drinks both in-store and online — the Blanc is the perfect alternative if you’re looking for a crispy Sauvignon Blanc.

Buy now: Leitz x Boisson – Blanc

4. Lyre’s Classico

For a sparkling prosecco, the Lyre’s Classico comes in either a bottle or a set of individual cans. This crispy sparkling beverage is light and makes for a classy drink if others are enjoying a glass of bubbly around you.

Buy now: Lyre’s Classico

5. Jøyus – Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Another delicious non-alcoholic sparkling wine is Jøyus, a crisp beverage with notes of green apple, pear, and melon. It’s so light and refreshing, you may find yourself drinking through the entire bottle in just one go.

Buy now: Jøyus – Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

6. Thomson & Scott – Noughty Alcohol-Free Rouge

I do admit that I haven’t found many alcohol-free red wines that I’ve enjoyed yet, but Rouge is certainly up there for me. It has the body and taste of a Syrah without the usual vinegar-y bite, and pairs well with comforting dishes like bowls of pasta or a hearty casserole.

Buy now: Thomson & Scott – Noughty Alcohol-Free Rouge

7. Domaine Dupont – Jus De Pomme Pétillant (Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cider)

If you’re more prone to drinking sweet hard ciders, this sparkling cider is about to be your new favorite. It comes in a traditional 750 milliliter bottle to share, or you can enjoy one on your own with their smaller 330 milliliter bottles. But be wary — this sparkling cider is sweet and full of sugar, so sip it slowly.

Buy now: Domaine Dupont – Jus De Pomme Pétillant

8. Buzzkill Wines

Want something fun to drink while everyone cracks open a can during happy hour? Buzzkill Wines is my usual go-to. This canned non-alcoholic sauvignon blanc is certainly one of the best on the market right now and is surprisingly low in sugar.

Buy now: Buzzkill Wines

9. Surely Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Red Wine

If you’re more of a red drinker, Surely recently released a non-alcoholic bubbly red wine in cans that you can also crack open with everyone else. But don’t expect this beverage to taste just like red wine; this non-alcoholic drink has a unique flavor that makes it stand out compared to simply trying to blend in as just another alcohol-free red wine.

Buy now: Surely Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Red Wine

10. Seedlip Garden 108

While some people enjoy the typical liquor alternatives (like an alcohol-free whiskey or tequila), Seedlip’s mission is to create something completely new. Their line of non-alcoholic spirits are completely unique, and one of the best is the Seedlip Garden 108. It pairs splendidly with any mocktail that has some kind of herby element.

Buy now: Seedlip Garden 108

11. Mocktail Club – Havanna Twist

Don’t feel like mixing up a mocktail? Mocktail Club does it for you with its delicious line of non-alcoholic drinks. The Havanna Twist is one of their best — a refreshing beverage made with cucumber, lime, mint, and cardamom. But honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their canned mocktails; the Bombay Fire is also outstanding.

Buy now: Mocktail Club – Havanna Twist

12. Athletic Brewing – Run Wild IPA

Athletic Brewing is spearheading the non-alcoholic beer industry, and there’s a reason for it — their product is surely the best on the market right now. Their line of beers taste eerily similar to the real thing, and they always satisfy my craving for an IPA when I’m digging into a greasy cheeseburger.

Buy now: Athletic Brewing – Run Wild IPA

13. De Soi Champignon Dreams

If you’re looking for something completely unique, De Soi is a line of non-alcoholic aperitifs made with natural adaptogens, founded by Katy Perry (yes, that Katy Perry!) and Morgan McLachlan. Champignon Dreams is the perfect combination of bitter and sweet with notes of strawberry and grapefruit and can either be served in a bottle or individual cans.

Buy now: De Soi Champignon Dreams

14. Caleño Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Light & Zesty

While I’m not the biggest fan of non-alcoholic spirits (maybe I’ll grow into it), I am a major fan of Caleño’s products — specifically their Light & Zesty. It’s meant to be a gin alternative but it tastes so much more than that, with the perfect mix of lime and tropical florals. You can always mix it into a mocktail, but honestly, I enjoy sipping on it straight on ice with a lime.

Buy now: Caleño Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Light & Zesty

15. Dogfish Head Lemon Quest

Many different brands have added a non-alcoholic beer to their line of offerings, which I am grateful for every time I go to a bar and at least one is offered on the menu. But if I had to choose one to actually buy to enjoy at home, Dogfish Head’s Lemon Quest is certainly up there. It has the taste of a light summer beer with a punch of lemon that is refreshingly tasty when I want to crack open something at the end of the day.

Buy now: Dogfish Head Lemon Quest

16. Betty Buzz Mixers

Looking to mix up a drink, but don’t know where to start? Famous actress Blake Lively has been there, especially since she doesn’t drink and is always looking for a tasty mocktail to sip on instead. Betty Buzz was founded for that reason, to provide a tasty drink to mix together when you’re not sure what to make. Mix together one of these non-alcoholic drinks with a spirit-free alternative for an easy, breezy mocktail that took no effort at all.

Buy now: Betty Buzz Mixers

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