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5 Best Premade Smoothies for Easy On-The-Go Snacks

January 16, 2023
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When you’re on the run, in a rush, or just looking for a more convenient way to get in some extra vitamins and minerals, premade smoothies can be a real lifesaver. But not all premade smoothies are created equal; in fact, many of the ones you see on the shelves are loaded with added sugars — and have little else to offer. So, we went on a hunt to find the best premade smoothies that pack nutrient-dense ingredients, go easy on sugar, and make for a super satisfying grab-and-go snack.

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1. Remedy Organics Berry Immunity

This balanced beverage blends dragonfruit, strawberry, and elderberry with plant-based pea protein to help keep you full. It’s also infused with antioxidant-rich herbs like echinacea, which can help support your immune system and keep you from feeling run-down. You can find these delicious drinks in some grocery stores, and if you order them online, you can get 15% off with a WellzyPerks membership.

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2. Koia Glowing Greens Smoothie

No time to make the perfect green smoothie? This one is a great alternative — it’s made with ground chia seeds, real fruit juice, and organic veggies like kale, broccoli, and spinach. And to top it off, it has no added sugar and 4 grams of fiber per serving (hello, happy gut)!

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3. Two Good Greek Yogurt Smoothies

If you prefer your smoothies on the creamier side, this is the one you want to look for. Made with Greek yogurt, it packs 10 grams of satiating protein and has only 3 grams of natural sugar per serving. Not to mention, it’s a great way to sneak some extra calcium and vitamin D into your day.

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4. Sweet Nothings Spoonable Smoothie

The only thing better than a done-for-you smoothie is a frozen one that you can eat with a spoon! That’s right: this spoonable smoothie feels pretty much like ice cream, but it’s made with just a handful of nutritious, plant-based ingredients, including dates, peanuts, chia seeds, and flax seeds. If you’re ready for a new way to enjoy your smoothie, you can get 25% off your first order at Sweet Nothings with a WellzyPerks membership.

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5. Pressed Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie

This chocolate banana almond butter smoothie may taste like dessert, but you could easily get away with having it as a quick meal while you’re out and about. It has a whopping 21 grams of protein and only 5 grams of natural sugar (with no added sugar) in the whole bottle. Plus: it’s vegan and gluten-free.

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