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The Best Kirkland Products At Costco That Are Seriously High Quality

July 9, 2023
Image credit: Lindsey Engelken for Clean Plates

Costco is beloved for all sorts of bulk purchases, from mountains of brand-name paper towels to enormous pallets of famous skincare products. But don’t ignore Costco’s house brand, Kirkland, which has some surprisingly high-quality options, too. These best Kirkland products exist at that all-important intersection of “genuinely high quality” and “super low priced.”

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1. Kirkland Organic Greek Yogurt

This 48-oz container of Kirkland Greek yogurt may quickly become a fridge staple (and it works out to half the price of yogurt at other stores). “The ingredients are simple and organic,” says Mary Curnutte, RD. “I’ll make a snack with this yogurt, a small dollop of peanut butter, and some fruit or granola. I also use this to replace sour cream as an easy way to add protein to meals.”

Buy now: Kirkland Organic Greek Yogurt

2. Kirkland Organic Nut Butters

All three of these Kirkland nut butters — peanut butter, almond butter, and mixed nut butter — are organic, made of only nuts and salt, and cost significantly less than you’ll find at other stores. “Because of the price difference and high-quality ingredients, I only buy my nut butter from Costco,” says Curnette. “The mixed nut butter is delicious and an easy way to add protein to meals and snacks.”

Buy now: Kirkland Organic Almond Butter

3. Kirkland Signature Olive Oil

There are a lot of olive oil options out there, and it can be hard to find the right one. Thankfully, one of the less-expensive options is among the top-notch choices: the Costco house brand, Kirkland, has a surprisingly stand-out olive oil — and don’t just take our word for it. “I started buying Kirkland brand olive oil when Samin Nosrat said it was the best bulk olive oil in her James Beard Award-winning cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. The olive oil tastes great, it’s high quality, and can be bought in their organic version, too,” says Curnette.

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Olive Oil

4. Kirkland Champagne

Champagne may not feel like a healthy food, but if you are going to drink it, it’s one of the lowest-calorie options out there. Kirkland champagne is $20, surprisingly delicious, and manufactured by a respected champagne house in Verzenay, France. “You can make champagne spritzers that are half the calories of a glass of champagne by mixing half champagne with half sparkling water,” says Certified Sports Nutritionist Cristie Besu. While we wouldn’t recommend watering down a really excellent champagne, it’s a great option for stretching an inexpensive but tasty choice like this one.

5. Kirkland Rotisserie Chicken

costco rotisserie chickens

Image credit: Shutterstock

You can’t beat a $5 rotisserie chicken. The chickens are made fresh daily and have endless possibilities for meal planning. “You can keep this in your fridge and pull from it to add protein to anything, such as on top of a salad, in a taco bowl, in a wrap, added to soup, quick tacos, on a loaded baked potato, or a pulled chicken sandwich,” says Curnette. It also can be an easy entree for a meal — serve with a quick sheet pan of halved baby red potatoes and green beans and roast until they’re a little crispy.

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6. Kirkland Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk

Buying a bulk pack of almond milk is another way to cut your price in half for almond milk compared to buying it at other stores. “This almond milk has simple ingredients and is organic. Because the packages are smaller, shelf-stable cartons, you can pull one or two cartons at a time to refrigerate so it doesn’t take up too much room in your fridge and you still have a lasting supply,” says Curnette.

Buy now: Kirkland Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk

7. Kirkland Signature Protein Bars

We all have those days when our best option is a snack or meal we can grab and eat on the go. “Aside from their convenience, these bars are delicious, nutrient-dense, and gluten-free,” says Trista Best, RD. “I also appreciate that they are made with real chocolate and contain no artificial colors. With 21 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, they keep me feeling full for longer, which prevents overeating and cravings. At just two grams of sugar and less than 200 calories, I am happy to integrate these bars into my regular routine.”

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Protein Bars

8. Kirkland Signature Smoked Pulled Pork

Barbecue can actually be pretty healthy if you find the right product — like the pulled pork at Costco. “It provides lots of protein with none of the added sugars or carb-based ingredients found in most other barbecue meats,” says Lauren Sambataro, FDN-P, CHEK, IFHC. “It’s also metabolically healthy as long as it’s not slathered in a sugary barbecue sauce.” It’s great as a main dish on its own, and can also be used in a variety of ways, including added to stews and chili, or as the added protein to a salad.

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Smoked Pulled Pork

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Disclaimer: We only recommend products we seriously love and want to share. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which includes affiliate links.

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