The Mylkman Cometh: Raw Almond Milk Delivered To Your Door

Jeff Leaf's nut-based nectar is both highly nutritious and very delicious

Get raw, nutritious almond milk delivered straight to your door.
Old-fashioned delivery with a modern twist.

July 11, 2017

With Mylkman, founder Jeff Leaf is bringing back the idea of milk delivery to your doorstep—with a twist: cow’s milk is out, replaced by raw almond milk, made from scratch.

Leaf was living the raw dream in Venice when a friend watched him whip up a batch of his pristine, non-GMO, two-ingredient drink: coconut water from freshly cracked nuts and raw, organic almonds. After persuading him to sell her some, she told her friends, and word of the delicious elixir quickly spread. Mylkman was born.

Today Leaf has been in business for over a year, and is delivering about 150 bottles of his popular nut-based nectar a week.

The system is simple: Orders must be placed by Tuesdays at 9am. On Wednesdays, Leaf makes the mylk in a certified kitchen space; deliveries are Thursdays between 7:30am and 4:30pm. Buyers can receive the order in person, or leave a cooler of ice with payment outside their door.

There’s a two bottle minimum purchase; each 32-ounce container costs $14, which includes delivery. Regular customers can leave their clean glass bottles on the front stoop for refills each week (as part of his commitment to sustainability, after the initial purchase, Leaf charges an additional $3 for each bottle he’s asked to replace).

The raw “mylk,” which is naturally gluten-free, lasts about five to six days in the fridge, and is packed with protein, potassium, electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, iron and Vitamin E. But its best characteristic may just be how good it tastes. Ever had liquid, almond-coconut ice cream that’s actually good for you? Now you can.