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Our Summer Drinking List: Cheap & Cheerful Rosé Wines

By Geraldine Campbell
June 8, 2021
Photo Credit: A Couple Cooks

When it comes to summer drinking, I have a simple rule: It should be cheap and cheerful. For me, that almost always means rosé wine. If you’re already on board the #yeswayrosé bandwagon, scroll down for our top picks. If you’re not, allow us to explain why you should drink pink this summer.

rose wine

Courtesy of Republic of Pink Wine

Why Rosé Wine Should Be Your Go-To Summer Drink

1. You have options.

For a long time, rosé wine was synonymous with White Zinfandel, which could be cloyingly sweet and often included additives. But these days, there are so many rosés out there to choose from: You can find bottles that are bright, briny, fruity, and floral. You can find organic, sustainable wines and women-made wines. There are wines from France and California, but also Italy, Germany, Spain, and New York. It can be flat! It can be fizzy! Importantly, you can find cans of rosé, which is key for avoiding glass by the pool or packing your wine to go.

2. It’s cheap.

Can you find expensive pink wine? You can, but it’s not hard to find bottles for $20 or less (that’s my threshold for summer wine) and you can often find good options for under $15.

3. It’s lower ABV.

Most pink wines tend to be lower ABV, around 12-13%, versus 14-15% or even higher. You can also make any rosé lower alcohol by turning it into a wine spritzer. All you have to do is add soda water — anywhere from just a splash to half-and-half.

There are also rosé wine options out there that are alcohol-free. Yep, you read that right. All the fun of a glass of pink stuff, but with the alcohol removed.

frozen rose

Photo Credit: A Couple Cooks

4. You can turn it into frosé.

Is there anything more summery? Rosé wine + strawberries + honey — freeze, serve, and enjoy!

Our Summer Drinking List: Cheap & Cheerful Rosé Wines

As we mentioned above, you have options… which can be exciting, but also overwhelming. Allow us to help narrow the field. These are the rosé wines you’ll find us sipping on this summer.

French Rosés

California Pinks

Something Rosa

Alcohol-Free Wine

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