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7 Products To Stay Hydrated During Cold Weather

January 20, 2023
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If you find it challenging to drink enough water in the winter, you’re not alone. Cold weather tends to down-regulate how thirsty we feel. We’ve got you covered with these products to stay hydrated all winter long.

Hydration is so important for skin health, immune function during cold and flu season, and exercise performance and recovery. Some research shows that the winter months can decrease thirst signaling by nearly 40% and increase the risk of dehydration.

You still need proper hydration in the winter even though you might feel less thirsty. The general recommendation is about 8 cups a day or 64 ounces for most people. Here are a few amazing products to stay hydrated on the market that can help you reach that goal.

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1. Ember Mug

ember mug

This sophisticated mug is making its rounds on the Internet because of its temperature-controlled ability to keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for hours.

Moms love it because busy mornings typically mean that they’re either drinking cold coffee or running back and forth to the microwave to keep preheating it. Coffee and tea still count towards your daily fluid, and we can’t count them out as a source of hydration!

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2. Liquid IV Electrolytes

Liquid IV Electrolytes

Electrolytes have become exceedingly popular as hydration and exercise recovery tools. Electrolytes help move water into the cell where it can then be used for hydration. Some research showed that electrolytes were the largest factor amongst tested beverages in hydrating young adults.

Excessive sweating and low-calorie or carbohydrate-restricted diets can deplete electrolytes. Many endurance athletes, weight lifters, or people on low-carb diets find that they feel mentally and physically better with a daily electrolyte supplement. Liquid IV offers a unique product that is extra hydrating and tastes delicious. You can even get 15% off with a WellzyPerks membership!

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3. Stanley Travel Tumbler

Stanley Travel Tumbler

The Stanley mug is growing in popularity by the day, and for good reason. This 40-ounce mega tumbler fits nicely into cupholders in the car and comes with a handle and a straw. Reviewers love that the straw means not having to remove a cap or lid to drink water, and customers report this leads to drinking enough water over the course of the day.

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4. Herbal Tea

pukka herbal tea

If you’re not a coffee person, or if you’re looking for a way to wind down in the evenings, tea is a great way to add some soothing hydration to your day.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, choosing herbal tea or decaffeinated options is best. You can drink tea hot or cold depending on your mood and the season. I personally like to steep my herbal tea in a pitcher in the fridge overnight and sip on it whenever I need a boost throughout the day.

Tea works well for adding variety to your hydration game with different flavors like peppermint, Rooibos, or ginger, and you get the added benefits of antioxidants and other nutrients in your drink! Personally, I love Traditional Medicinals and Pukka tea brands.

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5. Organifi

organifi green juice

Are you somebody that often gets tired of plain water? There’s no shame in adding some flavor to your water. Organifi offers several superfood blends that also bring you the health benefits of antioxidants, detoxifying nutrients, and an immune boost. Choose from their Gold, Green, or Red flavors, and you can get 25% off with a WellzyPerks membership.

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6. Ninja Blender

ninja blender

Did you know that you can increase your water intake from food, too? Foods that are high in water contribute to your overall hydration throughout the day as well. Fruits and vegetables naturally have high water content— some as much as 90% or more. Even better, fruits and veggies are naturally high in potassium, vitamins, and antioxidants that boost hydration in the body.

So get your fruits and veggies for a homemade smoothie using this blender, and can get a whopping 15% off with a WellzyPerks membership!

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7. Silicone Straws

brandless silicone straws

Having a straw can make all the difference when it comes to getting in regular hydration. For those who sit at a desk and forget to drink enough water, a straw might be the visual cue you need to guzzle your H2O. These silicone straws are dishwasher-safe and easily reusable. Save 35% with Wellzyperks when you spend $40 or more at Brandless.

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