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These Latinx-Owned Food Brands Are Clean Plates Approved

Irina Gonzalez
August 7, 2021
Photo Credit: Coffee del Mundo

When it comes to Latinx and Caribbean food and culture, tacos, margaritas, and Mexican food in general get a lot of love. As a Cuban-American, I’m here to tell you: There’s so much more diversity to celebrate! In particular, I’m always looking to champion Latinx owned food brands that provide quality ingredients and plenty of flavor.   

From companies offering grain-free tortillas and Peruvian hot sauces to super-fresh coffee beans and CBD-infused chocolates, here are seven Latinx owned food brands you’ll fall in love with. 

1. Coffee del Mundo

This Afro-Latinx owned, south-LA-based coffee shop is on a mission to help people rediscover coffee without unnatural ingredients. But you don’t have to live in L.A. to try their beans, pods, and cold brew; they ship their coffees across the U.S.

What to Buy: The best way to sample the “best coffee in the world”? Sign up for their Frequent Flyer Club to get a bag of beans or 12-pack of K-cups every month. 

latinx owned food brands

Photo Credit: Siete Foods

2. Siete Family Foods

When Veronica Garza was a teenager, she was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune condition that left her tired, depressed, and overweight. She found relief through exercise and a low-inflammation, grain-free diet. But for Garza and her Mexican-American family, eating their favorite tacos and fajitas on lettuce leaves just wasn’t the same. Enter Siete Family Foods.

What to Buy: The company’s fan favorites include grain-free almond flour tortillas and tortilla chips made with cassava flour, as well as a dairy-free nacho cashew queso.  

latinx owned food brands

Photo Credit: Chosen Foods

3. Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods celebrates the connections we share with loved ones through delicious food, in particular avocados. Their love and appreciation for the glorious avocado is clearly evident in how carefully the company chooses their ingredients.

What to Buy: We love their 100% Pure Avocado Oil and Guajillo Pasilla Chili Simmer Sauce; the latter is the perfect complement to any Mexican dish. 

Loisa Comida jarred seasonings for Mexican food

Photo Credit: Loisa Comida Foods

4. Loisa Comida Real

This Latinx-owned business is on a mission to upgrade the Latin kitchen with better-quality, proudly-flavored spices and seasonings.

What to Buy: The Flavor Trio Combo Pack is a must in any kitchen looking for a bit of Latin flavor. It includes two classic seasonings, Loisa Adobo and Loisa Sazón, and a jar of sofrito. Or try one of the single-spice bottles, such as Loisa Smoked Paprika, Loisa Spanish Saffron, and Loisa Cumin

Photo Credit: Pisqueya Hot Sauce

5. Pisqueya

When her parent’s Brooklyn restaurant burned down, Maritza Abreu put her education and business acumen into founding Pisqueya. The brand’s flavorful hot sauces showcase Latin and Caribbean flavors without preservatives or MSG. 

What to Buy: There are just three flavors: Spicy Sweet, the Medium Buzz, and Smoky Hot. They’re all well worth it if you’re a fan of hot sauce. And, if you’re looking for a little inspiration for how to put your hot sauce to good use, check out their collection online recipes. 

llama land cereal

Photo Credit: Llama Land Organics

6. Llama Land Organics

Founded with the intention of sharing the treasures of Peru with families in the U.S., Llama Land Organics offers non-GMO, nutrient-dense pantry staples sourced from the Peruvian Amazon and the Andes. The extra cool thing about the company is that they provide valuable information to their customers about the foods used in their products, so you can learn a little something new while munching on your favorite new morning treat. 

What to Buy: Favorite products include the Superfood Crunch Cereal and the Golden Berries Superfruit Spread

Flor de Maria

Photo Credit: Flor de Maria

7. Flor de Maria

This is not your mother’s chocolate; Flor de María chocolates are infused with CBD. Derived from the hemp plant, this has become a trendy ingredient thanks to claims of CBD benefits ranging from lessened anxiety and depression to better sleep. Venezuelan-American founder William Zitser started his company after he was unsatisfied with the CBD chocolates he found elsewhere. 

What to Buy: Their chocolates come in several varieties: a simple Dark Chocolate that is 70% cacao; a Ghost Pepper Caramel that’s a perfect combination of spicy and sweet; a Lemongrass chocolate that is herby and floral at the same time; and a Amagansett Sea Salt & Nibs that has a bittersweet crunch.

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