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3 Beautiful & Budget-Friendly Kitchen Finds That Are Getting Me Excited to Start Cooking Again

by Geraldine Campbell
August 21, 2021
Photo Credit: East Fork Pottery

I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired about cooking, baking, or even assembling food for the past several months. This malaise may have started as early as April and it’s not showing any real signs of letting up. I suspect that it’s the result of a lot of little things all together, and I’m sure everyone here can relate. It’s been a rough year! But as we head into fall, I’m committed to getting back into a more normal routine in the kitchen. To do so, I’m planning to bribe myself with some small, but joy-sparking kitchenware purchases.

This time of year is a great time to gift yourself something new and shiny and not just because of all the Labor Day sales. It’s back-to-school season, which always makes me think of brand-new trapper keepers, sharp No. 2 pencils, and crisp first-day outfits. (Yes, I am old enough to remember trapper keepers.)

You (and your kitchen) need a little love, too. Here are the kitchenware finds that are getting me excited to get back to cooking. They’re bright, beautiful and budget-friendly.

material rebowl

Photo Credit: Material

1. The reBowl from Material

I admit to owning quite a few (okay, three!) cutting boards from Material. Made from recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane, they’re incredibly resistant to stains and discoloration and so gorgeous that I hang them right on my kitchen wall. Their latest release, a do-it-all bowl with an angular base, flared lip, and nesting capabilities, promises to just as functional, not to mention eye-catching. I am considering snatching it up in all three colors: Sand, Azure, and Clay. But definitely Sand.

Buy It: The reBowl in Sand, $25; use code SUMMER15 for $15 off orders of $50 or more through 8/31

peachy keen everyday bowl

Photo Credit: East Fork

2. The Everyday Bowl from East Fork Pottery

I’ve had my eye on anything in “Peachy Keen,” the cheery, limited-edition color from East Fork Pottery since it was released earlier this summer. It screams summer and makes me feel happy just looking at it and will almost definitely look *very* good on Instagram. (In case that sort of thing matters to you). I decided on “The Everyday Bowl” because it was the right price, though if your budget allows, the larger bowls would make great statement-making serving dishes (or extravagant gifts for someone you haven’t seen in a long time).

Buy It: The Everyday Bowl in Peachy Keen, $38

beautiful by Drew Barrymore toaster

3. 2-Slice Touchscreen Toaster from Beautiful by Drew Barrymore

I often take pride in the fact that I don’t own a lot of kitchen appliances, but lately I’ve been really missing a toaster. It’s just so handy for, you know, toasting things. This compact, 2-slice toaster from Drew Barrymore’s new kitchen line (sold exclusively at Walmart) is basically perfect. It has a small footprint, a cute design, and some (but not too many) options. I’m planning to buy it as soon as it restocks in “Sage Green,” but you can get it now in “Black Sesame” or “Oyster Grey.”

Buy It: 2-Slice Touchscreen Toaster in Black Sesame, $40

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