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These Healthy Chocolate Bars Are Really *Really* Good

Beth Lipton
May 25, 2021
Design by Zoe Burnett

It’s rich in antioxidants and heart healthy, it reduces stress and boosts immunity, brain function, and athletic performance. No, it isn’t a vegetable — it’s chocolateAnd because chocolate is, ahem, a health food, and I write about healthy food, I make it my business to try all the chocolate, so I can report back to you what’s good. (You’re welcome.) And these new healthy chocolate bars are really, really good.

Honey Mama’s Chocolate Bars Are &%@*ing Awesome

Recently Honey Mama’s chocolate bars started showing up in my Instagram feed. So I decided to look them up (#journalism).

Free of refined sugar, gluten, soy, grains, dairy, stabilizers and preservatives, they’re made with just a few wholesome ingredients, like single-origin cacao, sprouted nuts, Himalayan salt, unrefined coconut oil, and raw organic honey. Obviously, I needed to put them to the real test: What do they taste like? Because who cares if a dessert is healthy if it doesn’t taste really, really good?

Soft and truffle-y, bursting with flavor and richness, just the right level of sweetness, so satisfying — in short, they are &%@*ing awesome.

The Oregon Mint tastes like real mint, but it isn’t overpowering. The Tahini Tangerine (maybe my favorite?) is slightly tangy from the citrus and velvety from the tahini. The Coffee Nib Crunch is like the best latte you ever had in truffle-bar form. Even the Peruvian Raw and the Original Dutch, which I didn’t expect to love as much (I like stuff in my chocolate and I thought these two would be kinda boring), left me sated and happy.

And—yes, there’s more!—I felt great after eating them, too. The multi-serve bars are divided into three sections, and one section at a time was really enough. In general, I can put away some chocolate, but I didn’t feel the need to eat more than that serving, which clocks in at around 120 calories, 10g carbs, and 7g sugar, with 2g each protein and fiber. No sugar hangover, no munchies 10 minutes later. 

One note: You have to keep the bars in the fridge; because they have no stabilizers, they will start to melt above 72ºF. 

Buy It: Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bars, $34 for 12 single-serve bars; $48 for a multi-serve variety pack (9 bars)

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