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We’re Obsessed with This Low-Sugar, Low-Alcohol Margarita (in a Bottle)

by Geraldine Campbell
March 31, 2021
Photo Credit: Jeff Wasserman

Let me be very clear from the start: Nothing can ever replace a well-made, full-alcohol margarita. There is something about the combination of sweet, sour, and salty, and the potent punch of tequila that makes a margarita, in my mind, a perfect drink. The only thing that’s not so perfect? You will definitely feel it the next day. So, for those times when you’re craving something that scratches the margarita itch, but with an ABV on par with beer or cider, allow me to introduce this healthier margarita.

healthier margarita

Design by Zoe Burnett

Zuzu Is a Healthier Margarita in a Bottle

In the past few years, the options for wine spritzers, hard seltzers, and bottled cocktails have exploded. Most of them are… not that tasty, loaded with sugar, made with dubious ingredients, or some combination of the three. Zuzu is an exception. And it makes sense. The company was started by two women with a background in local and sustainable food and nutritional transparency.

Zuzu is made with sparkling water, agave spirit, calamansi lime juice, organic agave syrup, and a pinch of salt. And that’s it. Five ingredients, 5% ABV (on par with a beer), and 90 calories. Importantly, it tastes great. The ready-to-drink cocktail delivers that same trifecta of sweet, sour, and salty that you get from a margarita, but with less sugar and less alcohol. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, slightly tart with a tiny bit of salinity. It’s sparkling, so it feels refreshing and perfectly suited for these unseasonably warm days we’ve been having on the East Coast.

I like to serve it in a low-ball glass with those oversize square ice cubes that make me feel fancy and a wedge of fresh lime. But if you wanted to go all out, go ahead and salt the rim — why not? I should also add that Zuzu also makes a passionfruit version, which is basically the same as the original, but with passionfruit puree. It’s also delicious, but, in my opinion, better suited for hotter days at the beach or by the pool. Stock up now — as of today, Zuzu ships nationwide.

Buy It: Zuzu Calamansi Lime, $27 for 4


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