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This $12 Tea Strainer Makes the Best Tea

December 30, 2020
Design by Zoe Burnett

For years I tried to become a coffee drinker. I wanted to join the ranks of folks who care about how beans are roasted and how their morning cup is brewed. In the end, however, I had to admit a tiny truth to myself and to the world. It’s not coffee that has my heart; it’s teaWith this realization came the desire to ditch the subpar tea bags (that often contain toxins) and dive into my morning ritual with as much enthusiasm as those coffee drinkers. So, I filled my pantry with an array of high-quality loose-leaf tea. And I bought myself a shiny new tea kettle. To brew my Earl Grey, though, I still needed a tea strainer.

When it comes to strainers, there are near endless options, from disposable filter bags to stainless steel mesh tea balls. But, this brass tea strainer caught my eye immediately. I am so glad it did, because this tiny tool makes the best tea and brings the most joy to my morning tea ritual.

tea strainer

Photo Credit: Sheela Prakash

This Tea Strainer Brings Me Joy Every Morning

When I bought this brass tea strainer, I worried it might be too pretty to be utilitarian. It is, after all, awfully pretty.

Luckily, I was mistaken.

The strainer sits perfectly on top of each and every mug I own — and they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s also roomy enough to allow for the tea leaves to expand when hot water is poured over them. And it’s so easy to clean! If you’ve tried other tea strainers, you know how much of a pain point that can be. I simply tap the spent tea leaves out into my compost bucket, give the strainer a rinse, and pat it dry.

Yes, it’s charming to look at and really is a touch fancy, but it also does exactly what I need it to do: Help me brew a steaming mug of tea so that I can get my day going.

It’s particularly been a comfort this past year. In the smallest way, it’s helped ground me.

Buy it: Petite Brass Basket Tea Strainer from Bellocq Tea Atelier, $12

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