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I’m Super-Picky About Bottled Salad Dressings — But I Love These

by Beth Lipton
July 20, 2021
Photo Credit: Nadine Greef

Though I’m not universally opposed to packaged food or shortcuts, I can be a bit snobby about bottled salad dressings. It’s just so easy to whip up dressing yourself — and you can be sure you’re using high-quality ingredients. The bottled stuff? It often uses sugar, low-quality inflammatory oils, artificial flavors and stabilizers. What’s the point of making a healthy salad if you’re going to toss it with all that? Plus, it usually doesn’t taste that great.

So when Whole30 came out with its own line of bottled dressings, I was skeptical, but curious. I’ll admit: These dressings forced me to set aside my anti-bottled bias. 

whole30 salad dressing

Design by Zoe Burnett

Why Whole30 Bottled Salad Dressing Is Actually Worth It

First, because they’re Whole30, you know that the dressings are free of sugar, dairy, vegetable gums, artificial flavors, and fillers. They also use Certified Humane eggs, and every ingredient is recognizable. 

They come in a ton of great flavors like Creamy Balsamic, Elderberry Vinaigrette (nice if you gravitate toward raspberry vinaigrette), and Secret Sauce, which is vinegary and tomato-y and great as a dip for chicken tenders or as a spread on burgersOne thing I love to do is combine the House Ranch and Buffalo Vinaigrette; I’ll use a spoonful of both on a salad, or marinate chicken in the buffalo and then drizzle on the ranch. It’s a classic combo, made simple with these tasty bottles.

The only downside? At $8 per bottle, these dressings aren’t cheap. But I think it’s worth it for the high-quality ingredients and great flavor. 

Buy It: Whole30 Salad Dressing, $32 for 4 8-ounce bottles

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