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Here’s What Water Bottle You Should Buy Based on Your Personality

by Ariel Knutson
April 8, 2021
Photo Credit: Marti Sans

We can all agree that using a reusable water bottle is great for so many reasons, like staying hydrated and reducing your carbon footprint. But actually finding the one that’s right for you can be tough. There are just so many options. Maybe even too many options. Do you want something utilitarian? Do you need something with a straw? Or maybe you choose style above all else? 

I’ve tried dozens of water bottles over the years to find The One that suits me best. And what I discovered is that it really comes down to who you are and what you want out of life (deep stuff,  I know). To help you out, I’ve broken down five key personality types and paired them each with their ideal water bottle match.

Let’s get hydrated, people!

If You’re Super-Active and Always on the Go

This Takeya Actives water bottle has all the bells and whistles for the person who is perpetually doing something. The powder-coated exterior makes it easy to grip during a sweaty workout; there’s a spout lid with a leak-proof twist-off cap (great for when you’re racing off somewhere and only have one hand to spare); and the lid also screws off so you can clean the bottle or add ice. The Takeya Actives was also ranked the best overall water bottle by both Wirecutter and Epicurious

Buy It: Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle with Spout Lid, $24

If You’re Ultra-Stylish and Love Beautiful Things

If you’re looking for beauty and brains when it comes to your water bottle, look no further than the consistently trendy S’well bottles. They’re known for their incredible insulation which keeps things cold for days. The slender silhouette is easy to hold and also looks super-chic. And of course, S’well bottles come in an incredible range of colors and designs. Obsessed with your marble kitchen? There’s a bottle to match. Are you getting really into tie dye right now? Here’s the one for you

Buy It: S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $45

If You’re Always Dehydrated and Need a Kick in the Butt

Are you ready for your hydration boot camp? This BPA-free plastic jug from Giotto holds an entire gallon of water and includes time markers on the side. The markers tell you how much you should have drunk depending on the hour of the day. Each marker also has a motivational saying next to the time. It’s like your own personal cheerleader! Did I also mention it includes a straw?

Buy It: Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle, $20 

If You’re Eco-Conscious or Have a Sensitive Palate

Glass water bottles have become increasingly popular over the years for a number of reasons. First, glass doesn’t retain odors, so your water will always taste like it’s supposed to. And glass, unlike other plastic options, is easily recyclable. I love this water bottle from Soma because it’s made with shatter-resistant glass, it has a sleek silicone sleeve and bamboo lid, it has a wide mouth which makes it easy to clean. The bottle is dishwasher-friendly, but the lid has to be hand-washed.

Buy It: Soma Glass Water Bottle, $30 

If You’re Kinda Lazy and Just Need Something Easy

Sometimes the difference between drinking enough water and being dehydrated comes down to the size of my water glass. I could get up and get more water when I run out…or I could continue to sit at my desk and work (don’t judge me). The answer to this problem is simple: Get a bigger bottle so I never run out of water! I’m particularly enamored with this popular wide mouth bottle from Hydro Flask. It’s easy to clean, it’s huge, and it keeps things cold for days on end. Plus, when I’m not using it at my desk, it’s a stylish option to lug around.

Buy It: 32 oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask, $45

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