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This $8 Salad Container Is the Only One You’ll Ever Need

By Samantha Schwab
September 7, 2021
Design by Zoe Burnett

When it comes to salad containers, we’re pretty particular. There’s only so much salad dressing the bottom of a backpack can take! That’s why we were so excited to discover this salad container at Bed Bath & Beyond (probably during a shopping trip for something else, IFYKYK).

Five years later, how passionate we feel probably isn’t normal, but we think you’ll fall for it too.

Why This Snaplock Salad Container Is Basically Perfect

We don’t often use the word ‘perfect’, but this is as close as it comes. Let us take a minute to rave:

1. It’s leak-proof.

In all of the years we’ve been using this container, we’ve yet to experience a salad spillage. Instead of a traditional snap-on lid, it has 4 snap-hinges that keep the top secure. Trust us, that lid isn’t going anywhere!

2. It’s the perfect size.

This container holds about 4 cups of salad greens with a tray of toppings. It’s not quite as big as the Chop’t or Sweetgreens takeout plastic containers, but it’s pretty comparable in size.

3. It has a removable tray for all of your salad’s fix-in’s.

One of our favorite features about this container is its removable tray. It has three compartments to keep all of the toppings separated. Since we always add a little crunch to our salads, we love that the dividers keep crunchy toppings, like nuts or seeds, crisp like they should be!

4. It comes with a salad dressing container.

Not only does it come with a salad dressing container, but also it has a designated spot for it, nestled in the center of the removable tray. Because of that, there is zero wiggle room for the salad dressing to go anywhere.

5. It’s dishwasher safe.

Given you’re eating a salad on-the-go, you probably appreciate time savers. This container is dishwasher safe and also happens to be microwave and freezer safe should you want to use it for things other than salads too. 

Oh, and did we mention it’s only $8?

Buy ItProgressive® Snaplock 4-Cup Salad-To-Go Container, $8


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