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This Is the Best (Totally Edible) Pre-Made Cookie Dough

Beth Lipton
August 30, 2021
Photo Credit: Jennifer Chong

Do you remember those rolls of refrigerated pre-made cookie dough from childhood? We weren’t allowed to have them at my house, but some of my friends did, and we would bake off a few cookies when we felt like a treat (read: always), eating some of the stray pieces of dough as we sliced it. And also slicing little bits of dough just to eat while the cookies baked, of course.

These days, my diet is a far cry from those pre-teen days. I stay away from most processed foods, and I also avoid all grains and refined sugar. I still want cookie dough sometimes. And I want my kid to experience the pleasure of sneaking bits off the roll as we slice it. For those times, there’s Cappello’s cookie dough.

Cappello's cookie dough

Design by Zoe Burnett

Why Capello’s Cookie Dough Is the Best

Off the bat, Cappello’s cookie dough is free of grains, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and GMOs. It’s paleo and vegan, and has no refined sugar and no vegetable oils. It has far fewer carbs and half the added sugar other brands (in the form of organic maple syrup). And because it’s free of raw eggs and raw flour (which we now know aren’t the safest to consume), you can feel safe eating it straight out of the package.

It’s still cookie dough — i.e., NOT a health food — but it’s definitely in another realm in terms of the quality of ingredients. 

Just as importantly, the cookies and the dough taste fantastic. Not exactly like the dough you remember from childhood (or last weekend, I don’t judge), but there’s still plenty of cookie goodness. My kid likes them, and she is, let’s say, not shy about rolling her eyes at me and my paleo treats. (I even chopped up some of the dough and put it in her homemade ice cream birthday cake.)

The dough comes in those same familiar rolls, in classic chocolate chip flavor as well as double chocolate. They’re both amazing (yes, I’ve tried both, multiple times, it’s just good journalism). It just depends on what you prefer. Or do what I do and keep them both in hand, so you’re fully prepared for any kind of cookie emergency. 

Buy It: Cappello’s Cookie Dough, $13 for a 12-ounce package

P.S. If you haven’t had them already, Cappello’s also makes fabulous grain-free pastas and my favorite frozen pizzas


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