Whip It Real Good

A vegan fro-yo alternative arrives in LA

Rawberri's vegan dessert, CocoWhip
CocoWhip - a creamy, vegan-friendly cup of joy!

October 25, 2017

The late-summer heat is making us jones for some cool, creamy frozen yogurt. But finding a tasty one that doesn’t involve sugar or dairy? Mission: Impossible.

Or so we thought: As it turns out, our mission was very possible thanks to a recent import from Down Under.

Australia’s CocoWhip—a vegan fro-yo alternative crafted from coconut water and bio-fermented coconut and sweetened with coconut sugar—has arrived in Los Angeles. It’s landed at Rawberri, West Hollywood’s new vegan snack shop, and we’re super keen on its airy creaminess, unique flavors and organic ingredients.

Rawberri offers CocoWhip in four rotating flavors: coconut, matcha, cacao and macqui (a Chilean berry). Just like at a fro-yo bar, you can customize your CocoWhip with a variety of toppings, but Rawberri’s are much healthier than the norm: organic fruit cut to order, a selection of nuts and seeds, gluten-free granola, cacao nibs and coconut flakes. If you want an “ice cream sundae” kind of experience, try the vegan sprinkles (made only from lemon, lime and raspberry) and the vegan chocolate syrup (made from cacao, dates and coconut oil).

Major bonus: each cup of CocoWhip contains 10 billion CFU of probiotic (“good”) bacteria, which promote healthy digestion and immunity. On that note, Rawberri also sells kombucha on tap, along with Stumptown organic coffee and a selection of organic acai bowls.

Mission: Complete!

8582 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood