Vegan Doughnuts That Don’t Taste Like Hockeypucks

Indulge in the tasty organic, vegan doughnuts at Donut Farm

Vegan doughnuts at Donut Farm
Donut Farm's better-for-you treats feature organic, local produce. (Photos: Courtesy of Donut Farm)

October 25, 2017

Biting into the blueberry doughnut from Donut Farm—Silver Lake’s newest doughnut shop—is a dream: the dense vanilla cake is flecked with pieces of fresh Oregon blueberries and sweetly topped with bright blueberry glaze for a double shot of berry goodness.

You’d never know this doughnut was vegan.

“Vegan doughnuts are like an oxymoron,” says Donut Farm’s founder Josh Levine, who before becoming a vegan baker thought the guilty treat of sweet fried dough was contradictory to his health-focused dietary preference. But he made peace with the juxtaposition by crafting the healthiest version he could, using 100 percent organic ingredients and primarily local, seasonal produce.

Vegan doughnuts at Donut Farm
Sweet stuff: These tempting doughnuts are completely vegan.

Conventional doughnut batters and glazes typically contain dairy and sometimes eggs and are often fried in unhealthy oils. Donut Farm’s batter is made with vegan baking tricks—like adding freshly ground flax seeds in place of milk powder—that render the doughnuts similar in texture to conventional ones but without any animal products. They’re fried in organic, sustainable palm shortening that’s sourced from producers who do no harm to fragile rainforest habitats or their orangutan inhabitants.

The small shop sells up to 25 flavors daily, including rotating seasonal selections ($2.50 to $3.50 each; half dozen, $16; one dozen, $29). The majority are cake doughnuts, with a few raised doughnut and fritter options (we loved the sweet potato fritter with bright chunks of the vegetable, $4.25).

Glazed cake doughnut flavors run the gamut from sweet confections like salted caramel and Mexican hot chocolate to more produce-forward choices like lemon poppy seed, coconut and blood orange. The bakery also sells organic, fair-trade coffee and tea, and several of the doughnut flavors—like coffee, lavender earl grey and matcha green tea—riff off these beverages.

We’re glad Donut Farm is filling a (healthy) hole in L.A.’s doughnut landscape!

Donut Farm
2609 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles