Two Hands Up

Tribeca’s new farm-to-fork restaurant by way of Australia

Two Hands' brassicas bowl
The brassicas bowl, a dreamy mix of charred broccolini, kale, hummus, avocado, pickled shallots and a soft-boiled egg. (Photos: Josephine Rozman)

June 29, 2017

When Sydney natives Henry Roberts and Giles Russell opened Two Hands Café in New York’s Nolita the clamor from the community was: MORE.

More of that satisfyingly nutritious, simply gorgeous and totally delicious food. More of that easy-breezy light-filled setting. And especially more of that anxiety-free Australian vibe.

The partners gave the community a resounding answer with the opening of the new Two Hands Restaurant & Bar in Tribeca, which features full-blown breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch menus courtesy of Melbourne-born chef Frankie Cox.

Smashed peas at Two Hands
Smashed peas with prosciutto and salsa verde.

Attention to detail is everywhere here, from breakfast on up. At our recent brunch there, we revelled in it all, from the housemade ricotta made with milk from Ronnybrook Farms to the you-wouldn’t-know-they-were-gluten-free-unless-we-told-you baked goods made with Cup4Cup flour (courtesy of chef Thomas Keller). With dishes that fully embrace the “put an egg on it” doctrine, it was incredibly important to the partners to source high quality eggs with the same sort of golden yolks that they had grown up eating. Russell told us, “With the help of Local Bushel, we found family-run Alderfer farm, based in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. They are certified humane, cage-free, and organic. The yolk is a deep orange and they are utterly delicious.”

Catch those sunny eggs in everything from the brassicas bowl ($14), a dreamy mix of charred broccolini, kale, hummus, avocado, pickled shallots and a soft-boiled egg to the hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef burger crowned with a fried egg, pickled cucumber and beet relish ($16).

No self-respecting health-minded restaurant would be without something in the “delicious things on toast” category and Two Hands has it down pat. There’s avocado (of course) on sourdough ($12) and also mushrooms with an arugula pepita pesto ($14). But two hands down—our favorite is the smashed peas with prosciutto and salsa verde ($15).

As Russell said, “It’s the new avocado smash, but better.”

Two Hands Restaurant & Bar
251 Church St.