Jerked Around

Why jerky can be a smart way to snack.

Beef jerky from Jonty Jacobs
There's a new biltong in town.

July 25, 2018

If you think beef jerky is just processed rubbish suited only for long-haul truckers and desperately hungry gas station stops, Monique Daniels is here to change your mind. The founder of Jonty Jacobs (and a South Africa native) was aghast at the taste, quality and texture of the cured beef products that she found in the US when she moved to New York in 2010. So she made do without. But then memories of the delicious, all-natural childhood snacks of biltong (thin dried beef slices) and droewors (dried beef sausage) crept up on her when she became pregnant. She told us, “Funnily enough, it was my pregnancy cravings for biltong that put me over the edge. I started the company when I was in my first trimester.” Just last week, Daniels and her husband, Camran St. Luce, threw open the doors to a West Village emporium where you can taste-test their entire line of various cuts and styles.

All of Jonty Jacobs’ products utilize traditional South African curing methods and a recipe that includes vinegar, salt, brown sugar and cardamom—with absolutely no gluten, chemicals, additives or preservatives like sodium nitrates. We recommend choosing the leaner grass-fed variety of droewors and biltong ($10 for 4 oz.) made from premium meat sourced from a Georgia farm. This is a tasty snack with benefits: This jerky requires no refrigeration and it comes in at whopping 54 percent pure protein (hello low-carb and Paleo diet followers!), making it the ideal thing to throw in your bag and tote around for a blast of good protein and quality fat in emergency hunger situations. Just let that hunger lead you to the storefront emblazoned with the South African flag.

Jonty Jacobs
114 Christopher St.