Good To Go

Scoop up healthy, tasty, takeaway fare at Ammo To Go

Ammo To Go's takeaway salad
Owner Amy Sweeney's garden-fresh veggies as well as organic artisanal ingredients are cooked to perfection at Ammo To Go.

June 29, 2017

It’s true what they say: Sometimes you have to lose something good to gain something better.

When Hollywood’s Ammo closed last July after nearly 20 years in business, we lost a pioneer of L.A.’s farm-to-table movement. But our tears have dried: the sit-down restaurant has now been reincarnated as Ammo To Go, a fast-casual Melrose cafe that preserves the impeccable sourcing and chef-driven modern American cuisine of the original.

Chef Mike Garber in the Ammo Gardens
Thankfully for all of us, chef Mike Garber has gotten over his self-professed fear of tomatoes!

Whereas Ammo was a divine place to linger for an upscale dinner, the new spot is ideal for a quick, takeaway breakfast or lunch—seating is limited to a few stools. With everyday staples like sandwiches, salads and grain bowls, Ammo to Go is making Ammo’s healthy, delicious food more accessible—which is why we think the new cafe is actually better.

Primarily organic, local and seasonal produce guides the menu, just as it did at Ammo. At lunch, you might find dandelion greens from owner Amy Sweeney’s garden tucked into the standout grass-fed beef burger ($14)—topped with fried rosemary and tangy marinated grilled onions. Or, you can taste her arugula in the super-fresh market vegetable salad ($13) with crisp snap peas, fennel, celery, cherry tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette. (Add chicken to any salad for $5; all meats are free-range and antibiotic- and hormone-free.)

At breakfast, the menu hops from savory avocado toast ($9) and a fried egg sandwich ($10) to naturally sweet choices like a warm quinoa bowl ($8) with roasted nuts, cranberries, dates, maple syrup and coconut oil, and a moist, gluten-free banana chocolate muffin ($4).

Even though they don’t technically serve dinner (they close at 4:00 pm), no one’s saying you can’t save heartier choices—like turkey meatloaf ($14) and Alexander’s brown rice (with seasonal veggies and chicken or organic tofu, $15), both holdovers from Ammo—for evening.

Take it away, Ammo To Go!

Ammo To Go
6909 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles
(323) 930-2666