Farm2Tacos Time

Forget Taco Tuesday--every day is the right time to feast on these beauties, delivered straight to your door

Breakfast taco from Farm2Taco
The breakfast taco of your dreams, delivered.

July 4, 2017

We know how it goes: In those tough early hours of the morning, that tray of glazed donuts or muffins at your morning meeting beckon mightily. However, one thing is for certain: Those breakfast treats will book you a one-way-ticket to sugar crash town.

Now to save you (and your office-mates) from those carbohydrate-fueled crashes, Bharat Chopra is bringing morning taco deliciousness directly to your door with his delivery business, Farm2Tacos. Chopra was raised in Boston and then globetrotted to Singapore, Malaysia and Chicago. But it wasn’t until he ended up in Austin, Texas that he was exposed to the magic of breakfast tacos where he says they are revered “more as a way of life than food.”

Food from Farm2Tacos
Farm2Tacos’ fillings are organic, local, creative—and delish.

Chopra has teamed up with Sara Grizzle, a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute and the owner of Poco restaurant, to make sure the tacos are not only tasty, but also filled with organic and local ingredients.

You’ll never find any GMOs in a Farm2Taco taco, but you will find Flying Pigs Farm bacon and organic eggs in the El Clasico, and kale from W. Rogowski Farm, as well as quinoa and cauliflower in the El Green-go. All tacos are served on organic corn tortillas made with New York-grown corn.

For now, the minimum order is 30 tacos ($150). We see this as more of a boon than a bane, as it’s a way to make your colleagues very, very happy. Don’t forget the fresh organic light or dark roast coffee for 20 people ($40).

Companies like WeWork, LinkedIn, Condé Nast and Pypestream have all jumped on the taco bandwagon. Don’t you want to be next in line?