Where to Eat Local? A City-by-City Guide

The best locally sourced and sustainable food businesses across the country

Take Part highlights food businesses that take local food seriously
Not sure where to eat local? Take a look at the Clean Plates-approved restaurants on this Take Part list. (Image courtesy of TakePart.com)

July 25, 2018

Regardless of their politics, most folks across the country today want to support their neighborhood food producers. Locally sourced and prepared foods boast superior nutrition because regional ingredients are picked when they’re ripe, take a shorter trip from farm to table and—for the small businesses in this guide—are prepared without a barrage of preservatives, artificial flavorings or chemicals. In other words, it’s real food.

But where does one find these butchers, bakers and popsicle makers preparing delicious products and creating local jobs? Check out the 100 Tastemakers across the country.

TakePart.com, the digital publishing arm of Participant Media (the filmmakers behind Food, Inc.) consulted with food writers in ten different cities to choose local businesses that adhered to humane, homemade, organic, do-it-yourself, artisanal, locally sourced and sustainable principles of preparation.

Just in time for the holidays, folks in NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, the Twin Cities, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland can check out the guide to find local delicacies to serve friends and family, as well as a mail order guide full of healthful handmade gifts for loved ones in far-flung cities.

The NYC guide touts the wares of Clean Plates favorites Valley Shepherd Creamery and Brooklyn Brine, amongst others. In Los Angeles, they feature beloved indie butchers, Lindy & Grundy Local, Pastured and Organic Meats, as well as Spice Station and the expanding Los Feliz neighborhood butcher and fishmonger, McCall Meat & Fish Co.

On November 13th, click on the Tastemakers site for the premiere of the web series, hosted by Ian Knauer, former food editor of Gourmet magazine, using the ingredients from Los Angeles-based shops to create fabulous holiday meals. Each episode will focus on a different business, with the finale showcasing the preparation and presentation of a sit down, three-course holiday meal.

Eating local, organic and sustainable food just got a little easier; finally, good news everyone can agree on.

Images courtesy of TakePart.com.