Hummus, I Love You

Dizengoff in New York's Chelsea Market offers decadent versions of the creamy chickpea dip

Dizengoff's hummus, pita and more
Bowls of chickpea heaven are served with freshly baked pita and chopped salad. (Photos: CookNSolo)

June 29, 2017

You think you know hummus but you’ve never tasted one like this: With bowls of the stuff at every cocktail party and ready-to-go packages at every corner bodega, you’d think we would have had enough of the creamy chickpea tahini dip.

However, one taste of chef Michael Solomonov’s dreamy version at the brand new Dizengoff in Chelsea Market is a revelation.

Dizengoff is named for one of Tel Aviv’s most iconic streets and just like at Israeli hummusiyas, the traditional hummus stalls, the 18-seat counter serves only hummus made that day. At Dizengoff it comes with an ever-rotating selection of seasonal garnishes and pita baked in a taboon oven.

The counter at Dizengoff in Chelsea Market
Both counter-side service and take-out are available at New York’s Chelsea Market.

While you can opt for hummus ($10 and up) topped with hot ground spiced lamb or crispy sumac-dusted chicken skin, Dizengoff is also immensely vegan friendly, with at least four vegan offerings daily.

The selection of salatim (vegetables sides, $3 each) here are outstanding. There’s the Moroccan carrots cooked with saffron and topped with pistachios, raw kohlrabi with a Yemenite chile sauce and muhammara, a Syrian red pepper and walnut spread.

And in case you’ve already made a pilgrimage to the Philadelphia original, Solomonov has got you covered with plenty of dishes that are exclusive to NYC, like hummus with roasted romanesco, pine nuts and golden raisins. No matter what version you get, you’ll also be getting a tasty heap of protein, folate, fiber and healthy fats, so it’s a healthy meal or snack.

With Dizengoff open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., you can have your hummus craving satisfied at just about any time.

Dizengoff NYC
Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Avenue
(646) 833-7097