Butter Beans Grow in Brooklyn: Refreshing Healthy Kids Programs

Providing homemade, healthy and tasty meals for kids to take to school

July 11, 2017

Between the first lady creating the organic White House garden and spearheading the national Let’s Move! campaign to the controversial ruling by Congress that qualified tomato sauce on pizza as a valid vegetable in school lunches, a lot has been going on in the conversation about kids and healthy eating.

While those are big national headlines, a mom-led, Brooklyn-based organization, Butter Beans, takes their fight against childhood obesity and unhealthy eating local.

Like the first lady, Butter Beans founders are local mothers who know firsthand of the challenges in getting their kids homemade, healthy and tasty meals to take to school every day. Thus, Butter Beans was born.

Butter Beans’ main initiative is to cook up healthy school-wide lunch programs for schools that want to offer hot lunches to the entire student body using the most local, organic and seasonal food as possible. The school lunches are full of whole grains, legumes, veggies, healthy fats, and naturally raised meat and poultry. They’re also balanced with raw, cooked, crunchy, and smooth food, full of color to inspire. Butter Beans will also work with schools that don’t feature an on-site kitchen or cafeteria.

The organization also hosts extremely affordable healthy cooking classes for parents and kids, and a summer Food and Garden camp where kids experience everything from harvesting vegetables, shopping for their own ingredients at the farmer’s market, making pickles, jam, and ice cream, writing a cookbook and more. Two-week sessions will run from July 2 through August 24 in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We don’t know about you, but kids or no kids, all of these Butter Beans programs sound like something even us adults could use.

Learn more and sign up at butterbeanskitchen.com.

Image courtesy of Butter Beans.