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These Plant-Based Recipes Are Magical

September 6, 2018
Photo Credit: AJ Meeker

It isn’t your imagination—food really does taste better when it looks beautiful. So it’s no wonder the trend of unicorn food—smoothies, lattes, cupcakes and more—became a thing.

Food journalist Kat Odell took that idea and created Unicorn Food, a new cookbook full of healthy, plant-based recipes that offer the vibrant colors and fun of the “unicorn” trend, without using artificial dyes and other less-than-optimal culinary tricks. Instead, she incorporated “ingredients straight from nature, and likewise fortified with myriad good-for-you properties,” such as spirulina, turmeric, bee pollen and more, she writes in the book’s intro.

Unicorn Food book cover

Here are two recipes from the book so you can get a taste of these great-for-you, gorgeous dishes.

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Kat Odell of Unicorn Food

Photo Credit: Nicole Franzen

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