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The Raw Truth

December 15, 2015
Raw beet 'ravioli', portobello-yam burger and pizza with a veggie-based crust from This Rawsome Vegan Cookbook.

We have no plans to go 100 percent raw or vegan any time soon, but Emily von Euw of the gorgeous healthy recipe-focused blog This Rawsome Vegan Life is sure filling our heads with visions of maki rolls made with cauliflower rice and collard leaf “burritos” bursting with purple cabbage and mushrooms.

Her new book, This Rawsome Vegan Cookbook: A Balance of Raw and Lightly-Cooked, Gluten-Free Plant-Based Meals for Healthy Living ($20) was just published.

The cookbook is split into two chapters: raw and cooked recipes. “I love both these kinds of eating; raw recipes are hydrating, light and colorful while cooked foods are grounding, nourishing and hearty,” von Euw writes in the introduction. “A diet that’s a balance of both is definitely gonna make ya feel good. Real good.”

Recipe from Rawsome Vegan Life cookbook

Emily von Euw, of the popular blog This Rawsome Vegan Life, shares more recipes in her new cookbook.

We love von Euw’s motto that she shared with us, “Do what works for you.” The book may be raw, vegan and gluten-free all rolled into one (whew), but it is thoroughly accessible and beautiful. If the resplendent photography doesn’t draw you in (doubtful), the young, creative and fun voice in her recipes for nutrient-dense, whole foods definitely will. Oh, and she’s also a college student. Count us impressed.

Plus, there’s no special equipment required to get down with this diet. “You’re gonna need a blender, an oven and this thing called a mandolin slicer, but that’s pretty much it,” quips von Euw in the introduction. “I am unbelievably lazy so I tend to use as little equipment as possible.”

Below is von Euw’s recipe for Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté + Basil, which she calls “one of my favorite recipes in the book for REAL.” We think the cheery color and finger-friendly form makes these bites perfect for holiday parties. “These are decadent and beautiful, but secretly so easy to make,” says von Euw in the recipe headnote. “They’re more of an appetizer than a main course, so I’d suggest serving them with a large salad (or whatever else you want—I’m not your boss).”


Recipe and photographs excerpted from The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook by Emily von Euw, courtesy of Page Street Publishing Co. 

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