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Too Hot to Cook? Here’s How to Still Make Breakfast

By Carrie Havranek
July 28, 2020
Photo Credit: I Heart Umami

Sometimes cooking breakfast isn’t on the agenda despite how we try, and there are myriad reasons why firing up the stove first thing in the morning isn’t in the cards. Maybe you’re running late. Maybe you want to eat something awesome but exude minimal effort. Maybe it’s just too hot to cook. Maybe you’ve got tons of veggies, a great looking loaf of bread, and not a lot of time. All of these reasons are perfectly respectable; embrace them and try some of these no-cook breakfasts.

Proscuitto and melon salad

Photo Credit: Love + Olive Oil

Prosciutto and Melon Salad from Love + Olive Oil

Who says salad is just for lunch or dinner? This salad takes the classically refreshing combo of prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe a few well-thought-out steps further. Add in arugula, mozzarella balls, and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Skip the prosciutto altogether if you’re vegetarian; it’ll still be great.

Paleo Granola with Yogurt Parfait from I Heart Umami

Naturally sweet, crunchy, and creamy at all once: dairy-free yogurt, a strawberry compote and plenty of fresh berries, and paleo granola with nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, maple syrup, and some dried fruit.

Avocado toast

Photo Credit: Love and Lemons

Avocado Toast from Love and Lemons

Avocado toast is not a stranger to many a breakfast table, be familiar, but these variations (sushi toast! chickpeas and harissa!) may inspire you to switch up your toast game in the morning in no time.

No Bake Greek Yogurt Fruit Tart from Half Baked Harvest

No-bake crust with pecans and dates. Greek yogurt, honey, and whatever fresh fruit you have on hand, and you’ve got breakfast.

Peanut butter overnight oats

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats from Minimalist Baker

Take your favorite nondairy milk, some chia seeds, some natural peanut butter, a little bit of maple syrup and of course, the oats, and put them all in a covered jar. Stick it in the fridge and you’ll be eating breakfast the next morning while your coffee brews.

Hard-Boiled Egg and Avocado Bowl from Eating Bird Food

Provided you’re the kind of person who has hard-boiled eggs at the ready in the fridge, this recipe is ready for you in no time at all.

Strawberry yogurt granola popsicles

Photo Credit: Jessica Gavin Culinary Scientist

Strawberry Yogurt Granola Popsicles from Jessica Gavin Culinary Scientist

This would work with almost any fruit; if you can use seasonal fruit, all the better. Combine Greek yogurt, a little honey or maple syrup, and some granola in popsicle molds the night before and you’ve got a refreshing and fun breakfast that feeds everyone fast.

6 Healthy Superfood Smoothies from Modern Honey

Whether they’re loaded with greens, or almond butter or cherries or protein powder, there’s a smoothie for everyone, almost every day of the week with these six variations.

Chia seed pudding

Photo Credit: Cookie + Kate

My Favorite Chia Seed Pudding from Cookie + Kate

Waking up with orange-vanilla flavors feels like a good way to brighten a morning. Soak the chia seeds overnight in nondairy milk, and to pair with honey or maple syrup, orange zest, and other delicious things like shredded coconut or chopped nuts. A dollop of jam works, too.

Smoked Salmon Toast from Yummly

Sandwiches are typically just about assembly—no real cooking involved. But add some smoked salmon, cream cheese on rye toast, along with dill and a hard-boiled egg is breakfast ready in a few minutes.


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