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6 Mediterranean Diet Sheet Pan Recipes for Easy Weeknights

May 3, 2024
Courtesy of Olive & Artichoke

Sheet pan meals are always very popular, and for good reason: They’re a fantastic time saver. You can toss a variety of delicious and healthy foods onto the same sheet pan and voila: dinner is ready quickly and clean-up is a breeze. And here, we’re combining easy with healthy  we’ve rounded up six Mediterranean diet sheet pan recipes for you to add to your recipe rotation.

The Mediterranean diet is regularly rated as the best way to eat for optimal health. It’s a traditional diet that people in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea have been eating for generations. It focuses on plant-based foods, quality protein, and healthy fats. “The Mediterranean diet has many health benefits, from supporting healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure to reducing the risk of heart disease, cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s  and certain types of cancer,” says registered dietitian Josten Fish.

Here are six Mediterranean diet sheet pan recipes to help you stay healthy even on those busy weeknights.

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1. Mediterranean Sheet Pan Chicken

Mediterranean Sheet Pan Chicken

Courtesy of The Roasted Root

Mediterranean staples like olives, feta cheese, and fresh veggies make this sheet pan recipe a classic. The chicken comes out tender and flavorful, and the combination of healthy fats and protein will leave you feeling satisfied.

Try this recipe from The Roasted Root.

2. Sheet Pan Mediterranean Snapper

Sheet Pan Mediterranean Snapper

Courtesy of Hummusapien

Fish is a fundamental part of the Mediterranean diet, and here it’s combined with the lovely, bright taste of lemon. Throw in a few colorful vegetables, like zucchini and tomato, and you have a beautiful and healthy Mediterranean diet sheet pan dinner in about 30 minutes.

Try this recipe from Hummusapien.

3. Sheet-pan Boneless Pork Chops with Broccoli

Sheet-pan Boneless Pork Chops with Broccoli

Courtesy of Eat Mediterranean Food

This recipe is as tasty as it is easy. All you need are a few boneless pork chops, fresh broccoli, and a few seasonings, and dinner is made. This recipe is a great, simple one to start with if you’re new to Mediterranean food.

Try this recipe from Eat Mediterranean Food.

4. Mediterranean Sheet Pan Vegetables & Tofu

Mediterranean Sheet Pan Dinner

Courtesy of Crowded Kitchen

While meat is a staple in the Mediterranean diet, focusing on vegetables is key. This vegan sheet pan meal is versatile and includes a zesty marinade and a delicious, creamy tahini sauce to drizzle on top.

Try this recipe from Crowded Kitchen.

5. Mediterranean Salmon Sheet Pan Recipe

Mediterranean Salmon Sheet Pan Recipe

Courtesy of Olive & Artichoke

This salmon is fork-tender and surrounded by bright, roasted vegetables. Salmon is known for its tremendous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. The best part: You can have this colorful, satisfying meal on the table in 30 minutes.

Try this recipe from Olive and Artichoke.

6. Sheet Pan Mediterranean Shrimp

Sheet Pan Mediterranean Shrimp

Courtesy of Well Plated

Bright colorful veggies, fragrant herbs, and easy-to-cook shrimp all in one? That’s what you get in this beautiful sheet pan recipe. It includes some of the tastiest Mediterranean staples, like kalamata olives, garlic, and feta cheese. Easy clean-up helps make this recipe an instant favorite.

Try this recipe from Well Plated.

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