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8 Homemade Iced Drinks to Cool You Off

by Geraldine Campbell
May 21, 2024
Courtesy of Jar of Lemons

Though some people wear their “iced coffee all year” preference like a banner, for many of us, the warmer weather is the signal to switch from pour over (or however you make your hot coffee) to iced. The same is true for the tea drinkers among us — at some point, it’s time to reach for the ice cubes. Of course you can go to your local cafe and order up a frosty beverage, but sometimes it’s just easier — not to mention a lot less expensive — to make it at home. For those moments, here are 8 recipes for iced drinks that are sure to refresh you on hot days.

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1. Iced Maca Chai Latte

maca chai latte

Courtesy of The Wheatless Kitchen

Energy without caffeine? Hello, maca. The root, a relative of the radish family, originates from the Andean mountains of Peru and is high in B vitamins, essential minerals, and fiber. Incans have used maca as a remedy for everything from boosting stamina to increasing fertility, and experimental research has confirmed its energizing and fertility-enhancing benefits. Maca’s earthy, butterscotch-like flavor adds depth to this drink, which also incorporates chai.

Try this recipe from The Wheatless Kitchen.

2. Iced Matcha Latte

Iced matcha latte

Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

A form of powdered green tea made from finely ground green tea leaves, matcha is super-rich in nutrients. A single serving of the grassy brew delivers the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of green tea. Plus, thanks to the calming effects of the amino acid L-theanine, you can caffeinate without the coffee jitters.

Try this recipe from A Cozy Kitchen.

3. Iced Vanilla Latte

iced vanilla latte

Courtesy of One Sweet Appetite

When the craving hits, you can make yourself this chilly coffee drink in less time than it would take you to make a run to your favorite cafe. Plus, you’re in control, so you can use any kind of milk you like, use regular or decaf coffee, and add more or less vanilla syrup. Alternatively, add a splash of vanilla extract and a little maple syrup (or go unsweetened, if you prefer), or use a vanilla-flavored coffee. Pro tip: Make extra coffee and freeze it in ice cube trays, so your iced coffee doesn’t get diluted.

Try this recipe from One Sweet Appetite.

4. Iced Dandelion Latte with Maca Condensed Milk

Iced dandelion latte

Courtesy of Sweet Lizzy

Roasted dandelion root has an earthy, dark, slightly sweet flavor, without the bitterness of coffee. Though research on the benefits of dandelion root is limited, preliminary evidence suggests it may promote healthy digestion and liver and gallbladder function. You could try an instant, unsweetened blend from Traditional Medicinals — just add hot water, ice it, and you’re done. Or you could make this more involved but 100% delicious latte recipe. You’ll need to make maca-infused condensed coconut milk, but once you do, you’ll have it on hand for future iced lattes.

Try this recipe from Sweet Lizzy.

5. Whipped Iced Coffee

whipped coffee

Courtesy of Eating Bird Food

This recipe went viral and then faded out a few years ago — but we still love it, and it’s a fun and easy sip when you’re looking for something different. Plus, since it calls for instant espresso (or instant coffee), it’s ready in just about 5 minutes. Add a splash of vanilla or almond extract, or a dash of cinnamon, to flavor it, if you like.

Try this recipe from Eating Bird Food.

6. Cold Brew Yerba Mate

Cold brew yerba mate

Courtesy of Oh How Civilized

Yerba mate delivers 80 mg of caffeine (compared to 100 to 200 mg in coffee), along with higher levels of polyphenols and antioxidants than both green and black tea. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic, and may reduce LDL cholesterol. It’s a bit bitter, but the addition of lime and a little sweetener makes a big difference. The recipe calls for regular sugar, but feel free to substitute coconut sugar, or another unrefined sweetener.

Try this recipe from Oh How Civilized.

7. Iced Golden Milk Latte

Iced golden milk latte

Courtesy of 40 Aprons

Turmeric, or more specifically curcumin, its active ingredient, has plenty of health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory, it may boost your mood and memory, and it’s good for your skin. More importantly, it’s also delicious (and pretty!) when you pair it with spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, a bit of maple syrup, and your favorite non-dairy milk. Don’t leave out the black pepper, which increases the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000%.

Try this recipe from 40 Aprons.

8. Protein Iced Coffee

Protein iced coffee

Courtesy of Jar of Lemons

Instead of creamer, use a scoop of your favorite protein powder to make your iced coffee creamy, and add up to 25 grams of satiating protein. Choose vanilla, chocolate, or caramel flavor, or a plain one. Pour brewed espresso or regular coffee into a jar, add your protein powder, shake, and pour over ice. Use a blender or frother if you prefer. Bonus: You won’t need sweetener if your protein powder already has some.

Try this recipe from Jar of Lemons.

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