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Have Fun Eating Your Vegetables

August 14, 2018
Photo Credit: Issy Croker

When we say, “detox,” do you think of juice cleanses, or other austere measures?

You probably don’t imagine a veggie omelette brimming with fresh herbs, or a hearty chickpea flatbread with spinach and an egg on top, do you?

We wouldn’t have either until we got our hands on Detox Kitchen Vegetables, a new cookbook by Lily Simpson, founder of British healthy-food delivery service Detox Kitchen. Though the book is all about vegetables and the recipes are also wheat and dairy free, they’re so creative and interesting and beautiful, it doesn’t feel like you’re limiting yourself or giving anything up.

Below are two recipes from the book—though they both feature eggs, you don’t have to consider them only for breakfast. Both would be delicious and satisfying any time of day.

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Good food
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Good food brings people together.
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