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10 Clean & Delicious Air Fryer Dinners to Make Tonight

Isadora Baum
September 1, 2019
Photo Credit: I Heart Umami

Move over Instant Pot, the air fryer has taken over the internet and countertops — and for good reason. It’s a great way to make healthy, crave-worthy meals without a lot of effort. If you need more convincing or want a few new ways to use your favorite kitchen tool, try one of these clean and delicious air fryer dinners.

1. Air Fryer Whole Chicken from I Heart Umami

This recipe for a whole chicken air-fried to crispy perfection belongs in the air fryer hall of fame.. The skin is golden, the meat is juicy and packed with concentrated flavor, and it’s all ready in under an hour. We have a feeling you’ll never buy another rotisserie chicken again.

Orange airfryer tofu

Photo Credit: Jessica in the Kitchen

2. Orange Air Fryer Tofu from Jessica in the Kitchen

This healthy twist on the classic Chinese takeout dish is super-crispy and protein-rich. It gets coated in a sweet orange glaze that’s just bursting with flavor. This is a great recipe to try if you’re looking to see just how crispy the air fryer can make things. (The answer is very!)

Pita pizza

Photo Credit: Stay Snatched

3. Whole Wheat Pita Pepperoni Pizza from Stay Snatched

Air fryer pizza? Yep, it’s a thing. This quick and easy recipe only requires 5 ingredients and is a great choice for days when you’re strapped for time but don’t want delivery.

better than takeout

Photo Credit: Whisk Affair

4. Tandoori Chicken from Whisk Affair

This flavor-packed Indian chicken recipe is simple to make while still capturing the flavors of restaurant-style tandoori chicken. Coated in a tangy yogurt sauce and crisped to perfection, you might even prefer this to takeout.

Gluten-free falafel

Photo Credit: From My Bowl

5. Easy Airfryer Gluten Free Falafel from From My Bowl

Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, these gluten-free air-fried falafels are the things healthy street food dreams are made of. Drizzle with some cool tzatziki to bring out all the delicious herby flavors.

air fryer steak

Photo Credit: Bell’Alimento

6. Air Fried Steak and Asparagus Bundles from Bell’alimento

A fancy-and-flavorful steak dinner can be ready in minutes thanks to the air fryer. Wrap juicy sliced bell peppers and asparagus with a beautiful piece of flank steak to create a gluten-free, low-carb dinner that’s pretty looking and pretty delicious.

Airfryer fish

Photo Credit: Food Faith Fitness

7. Crispy Gluten Free Air Fryer Fish from Food Faith Fitness

This fish recipe is so good, it’s hard to believe it’s air-fried and gluten-free. With just the right amount of crisp on the skin and the perfect flakey inside, these golden fillets are delicious by themselves or terrific for your fish taco Tuesdays.

air fryer meatballs

Photo Credit: A Dash of Dolly

8. Pork Dumpling Meatballs from A Dash of Dolly

These juicy, gluten-free air fryer meatballs have a tender texture and are just bursting with umami taste. Dip them in coconut aminos to get a soy-free shumai experience.

Coconut shrimp

Photo Credit: Immaculate Bites

9. Crispy Coconut Shrimp from Immaculate Bites

Take a trip to paradise with these quick and crunchy crisp. Paired with a spicy Caribbean dip, each bite will send your taste buds on a scrumptious island vacation.

air fryer pork chops

Photo Credit: Delish

10. Air Fryer Pork Chops from Delish

Put a healthier twist on a family favorite with this Air Fryer Pork Chop recipe. It’s perfect for those nights when you want something hearty but hassle-free.

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