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7 Energizing Breakfast Ideas For the Week

January 31, 2020
Photo Credit: Pinch of Yum

While some people can subsist on simply lots of strong coffee through the morning, I am not that person. I basically wake up thinking about breakfast, not simply because it’s a meal I thoroughly enjoy, but because I can’t function without it. If I skip it for any reason — whether I am not hungry or I don’t have the time — I have a case of serious brain fog until I do get something nutritious in me. So I always try to make it a point to sit down to an energizing breakfast. Sometimes that means planning ahead and prepping something the night or weekend before. Other times it means waking up a few minutes earlier than I’d probably like to. However, fueling myself with something that will power me through the morning is worth the foresight. Here are 7 ideas to power your own morning:

Easy Overnight Oats from Feel Good Foodie

It really doesn’t get simpler than overnight oats when you’re looking for a wholesome breakfast you can batch and eat through the week. Plus, topping ideas are infinite so it’s hard to get tired of.

Breakfast egg cups

Photo Credit: Well Plated by Erin

Healthy Breakfast Egg Cups from Well Plated by Erin

Go ahead a make a double batch of these egg cups because they freeze very well and make for a perfect grab-and-go breakfast. You can also experiment with different vegetables and cheeses.

Best Green Smoothie Recipe from JoyFoodSunshine

A green smoothie might just the OG of energizing breakfasts. This recipe is full of great tips for achieving the best one, such as freezing your bananas and what greens to use.

Meal prep breakfast bowls

Photo Credit: Primavera Kitchen

Healthy Meal Prep Breakfast Bowls from Primavera Kitchen

This packable breakfast is easy to mix and match to your preference. Try adding different nuts or fruit or swapping in Greek yogurt instead.

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Cookies from SweetPhi

I’ll happily take an excuse to eat cookies for breakfast. These are full of good things like oats, peanut butter, bananas, and seeds.

Cottage cheese breakfast bowls

Photo Credit: Budget Bytes

Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls from Budget Bytes

Cottage cheese is often forgotten about in the dairy aisle but it’s well worth grabbing because it’s packed with protein. Try replacing your usual yogurt with it and you may never look back.

Meal Prep Breakfast Sandwiches from Pinch of Yum

While these hearty breakfast sandwiches keep well in the refrigerator for four or five days, they also freeze great. Just leave off the mashed avocado no matter how you prep them and add before enjoying.


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