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5 Grab-and-Go Breakfasts to Streamline Your Morning

March 29, 2019

We’ll be the first to admit that some mornings are insane. From the second your alarm goes off, it’s game on. Work out, shower, figure out what to wear—and multiply that by 100 if you have to get kids out the door. No wonder feeding yourself something healthy and delicious often falls by the wayside.

These 5 recipes fit right into the busiest A.M. routine. Some you can make-ahead, some you stash in the freezer. But all of them are made for those grab-and-go mornings when you deserve better fuel than that coffee-shop pastry.

1. One-Bowl Baked Oatmeal

A bowl of oats is such a comforting, classic morning meal. But even instant oats can take too long on your crazier mornings. Enter this super-simple recipe: Throw together a few always-on-hand ingredients, pour into a baking dish, and bake. In the morning, you take a slice with you.

Layered chia pudding

Photo Credit: Maria Marlowe

2. Coconut Chia-Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, protein, calcium, zinc and other nutrients. When combined with coconut milk, they turn into a breakfast pudding that tastes like a treat. Mix the pudding the night before and pour into sealed jars to take with you. We like to top ours with fruit and a sprinkle of chopped toasted nuts or a few spoonfuls of granola.

3. Vegetable Frittata

If you prefer a savory breakfast, a make-ahead frittata loaded with vegetables is an ideal morning meal. Use in-season vegetables, add some cheese if you like, and don’t forget plenty of herbs and spices to boost flavor and nutrients. Once it’s cooled, cut it up and wrap the individual wedges for a grab-and-go breakfast. Plus, frittatas are good hot or cold, so you don’t even have to worry about warming it up if you’re having a particularly hectic a.m.

Paleo waffles

Photo Credit: Civilized Caveman

4. Paleo Waffles

Whipping up waffles on the weekend? Wrap and freeze them and take them with you to make a crazy weekday more fun. This recipe, made with almond butter, are hearty enough to eat on their own (we also like to sandwich them with a bit more nut butter and some all-fruit jam).

5. Smoothie Pops

Popsicles for breakfast—if that doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will. This one includes spinach, parsley and ginger (as well as kiwis and banana for sweetness)—but you can take any smoothie mixture you like, pour it into your pop molds and get ready for the most fun grab-and-go breakfast ever.

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