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Make This Now: 4 Awesome Yet Easy Plant-Based Recipes

September 17, 2018

If you hear “plant based” and think “boring,” or “rabbit food,” get ready for an entire day’s worth of colorful dishes loaded with flavor—and yes, we included dessert.

Whether you’re already full-on vegan or just trying to get more plants onto your plate, you’ll love these easy yet amazing plates from the new cookbook Vegan Reset, which offers a 28-day plan for plant-based eating.

Vegan Reset plant-based recipes

“The 28-day time frame lets you try out the benefits of a vegan diet without committing to a permanent change,” author Kim-Julie Hansen writes in the book’s introduction. “But once you get the hang of this diet, additional recipes offer you plenty of delicious reasons to continue beyond the reset.”

Here are some of our favorites from the book. Try them all in one day to go full-on plant based, or spread them out over a few days if you just want try out a few meatless plates.

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