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8 Easy 30-Minute Vegetarian Dinners You Need to Know

November 25, 2018
Photo Credit: Jar of Lemons

Whether you’re all plant-based all the time or just want to get more vegetables into your life, having a few quick and easy vegetarian dinners is a good move. Get a tasty, healthy, satisfying dish on the table on the double with these quick recipes which feature new takes on old standbys like a loaded avocado toasts or soon-to-be new favorites like chickpea power bowls.

Lentil Sloppy Joes

This is comfort food at its finest—rich, hearty, and full of veggies. It’s vegan, too, so perfect for any plant-based eater. Enjoy it on buns or try it atop polenta for a twist.

Everything Avocado Toast

Photo Credit: Clare Winfield

Everything Avocado Toast

Have it on #MeatlessMonday, have it on #ToastTuesday—heck, have it both nights, we won’t judge. Since it’s satisfying, super-delicious and ready in 5 minutes (5!), it can be part of your regular dinner rotation, no sweat.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Lots of Kale

Quick and easy, so delicious and flavorful—this is vegetarian pasta done right. Use a bean pasta for a protein boost.

Pumpkin Pasta

Photo Credit: Lauren Salkeld

One-Pot Pumpkin Pasta with Parmesan and Kale

Who says pumpkin is only good for pies? Transform it into a luscious, creamy sauce for pasta and make your weeknight supper special.

Speedy Vegetable Curry

Later, takeout: Make this recipe by health coach and Clean Plates Collective member Maria Marlowe your own by tossing in whatever vegetables you have in the fridge.

Soba Noodle Soup with Mushrooms & Chard

A steaming bowl of soup on a cold night is such a good thing. Bump it up with greens, shrooms, ginger, garlic, a touch of sriracha, and hearty soba noodles, and you’ll be slurping like a pro in no time.

Vegan fajitas

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Poblano and Portobello Fajitas

Who doesn’t love a sizzling skillet full of tasty fajita fillings? Grab some tortillas, mash up an avocado and get ready for the ultimate veggie fiesta.

Winter Spiced Chickpea Power Bowls

Chickpeas, sweet potatoes, tons of flavorful, healthy spices—trust us, you will not miss the meat. The recipe makes two, so you have lunch ready for the next day, too, #winning.

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