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10 Healthy One-Pot Meals You Can Make in Your Dutch Oven

January 2, 2021
Photo Credit: Cameron Whitman

My Dutch oven is the one thing that never leaves my stove. I turn to it almost every night to make dinner. Sometimes, I’ll just use it to boil a pot of water for pasta or rice, but my favorite thing is to make my entire meal right inside. This sturdy pot can churn out everything from a vegetable-packed chili to an entire roast chicken dinner.

Here are 10 of my favorite healthy dinners to make in my Dutch oven.

1. Easy Classic Minestrone Soup from Aberdeen’s Kitchen

This easy minestrone soup is so packed with vegetables that you hardly need anything on the side to make it a meal. It’s best served sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes.

dutch oven chicken

Photo Credit: Kitchn

2. How to Cook a Whole Chicken in a Dutch Oven from TheKitchn

It’s hard to get more comforting than a roast chicken dinner. This one is a complete meal thanks to a bed of butternut squash and red onions.

One pot pasta

Photo Credit: Fed + Fit

3. One-Pot Pasta with Italian Sausage and Kale from Fed + Fit

Forget about boiling a separate pot of water for your pasta and make the entire thing — sauce and all — in just one pot. The natural starches from the pasta that are released as it cooks results in a creamy dinner — without the cream.

dutch oven recipes

Photo Credit: The New Baguette

4. Greek-Style Tomato-Braised Beans from The New Baguette

This humble dinner is totally satisfying. Serve it with crusty bread on the side because you’ll have lots of good sauce to swipe up.

Dutch oven vegetarian lasagna

Photo Credit: Phenomenal Phoods

5. Dutch Oven Vegetarian Lasagna from Phenomenal Phoods

This lasagna is packed with mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, and spinach, so you’ll get your fill on vegetables and then some. Opt for cottage cheese instead of ricotta to give it an extra protein boost.

chicken chili

Photo Credit: Chew Out Loud

6. Healthy One-Pot Chicken Chili from Chew Out Loud

Starting with a rotisserie chicken means this hearty chili comes together even faster. However, you can also cook and shred chicken breasts or thighs as an alternative. You’ll need about 3 cups of shredded meat.

Easy Dutch oven jambalaya

Photo Credit: Lace & Grace

7. Easy Dutch Oven Jambalaya from Lace & Grace

This cozy jambalaya is packed with shrimp, sausage, and vegetables. Since it’s also made with brown rice, which holds its shape better than white rice, the dish won’t get overcooked and mushy.

dutch oven risotto

Photo Credit: Whole Food Bellies

8. Baked Brown Rice Risotto from Whole Food Bellies

This baked risotto is also made with brown rice, which isn’t traditional but you might just find that the added nutty flavor it brings to the pot results in something even better than the classic.

Chicken stew

Photo Credit: The Toasted Pine Nut

9. One-Pot Healthy Chicken Stew from The Toasted Pine Nut

Most stews are thickened and made creamy with flour and cream, but this one opts for coconut milk instead. That means it’s gluten-free and dairy-free — but no less comforting.

Vegetarian Thai curry

Photo Credit: Omnivore’s Cookbook

10. Easy Vegetarian Thai Curry from Omnivore’s Cookbook

This vegetable-heavy take on classic Thai curry is an easy introduction into making take-out favorites at home. Serve it over steamed rice, quinoa, or even cauliflower rice.

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