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18 Delicious Recipes for the Perfect Outdoor Lunch

By Lauren Paige
April 29, 2021
Photo Credit: Love & Lemons

As the weather gets better and the world begins to open up, spending time outside is at the top of all of our minds. What a better way to make the most of a bright and sunny day than with a delicious and nutritious lunch on the lawn! Or the park bench! Or the beach. The point is, the perfect outdoor lunch is 100% achievable if you’re equipped with the right recipes. 

You want dishes that can travel well, don’t need to be chilled or reheated, and won’t spoil if it takes you a while to find just the right spot for your dejeuner sur l’herbe. These recipes check all those boxes — and they’re filled with flavor and texture, making them a treat even if you’re stuck with lunch al desko.

outdoor lunch

Photo Credit: Salt & Lavender

Salads and Grain Bowls

The key to outdoor salads and grain bowls is using ingredients that won’t wilt or get soggy. We’ve got a few ideas. From Israeli couscous salad with raw and roasted cherry tomatoes to a crunchy-cabbage salad with Thai dressing and a tangy pasta salad with crispy salmon that could easily be dinner, prepare to drool.

Wraps, Rolls, and Sandwiches

Sandwiches are perfect outdoor lunch food for a reason: They’re super-portable, with no need for utensils, and clean-up is easy, too. Then there’s the fact that there’s just so many different directions you can take them. From gorgeous cheese and veggie sammies that scream summer to low-carb BLT wraps made with sturdy collard greens, here’s what you’ll find in our picnic baskets.

antipasto skewers

Photo Credit: Baker by Nature

Snacks for Sharing

Sometimes you want more of a shareable spread situation. If that’s the case, allow us to suggest antipasto skewers and portable cheese boards, scones and hand pies, and some sweet treats, too.




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