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14 Healthy Mushroom Recipes That Make Fantastic Dinners

By Ariane Resnick and Tami Weiser
May 27, 2024
Image credit: Minimalist Baker

Plant-based eating has become much more popular in recent years, and lately, it seems like every day there’s a new meat analog to try. These new options — often made from soy protein — often contain a lot of different ingredients, some of which are heavily processed. But there’s one meat substitute that’s been around for thousands of years, and its healthfulness is never up for debate: mushrooms. They’re richly textured — silky and firm — and so versatile. We’ve gathered together some of the best healthy mushroom recipes for you.

In addition to containing a host of important vitamins and minerals, mushrooms have protective effects on the brain in older people, they support healthy immune responses and decrease inflammation, and they’re even associated with lowered levels of depression in those who eat them.

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1. King Oyster Mushroom Pulled Pork

King Oyster Mushroom Pulled Pork

Courtesy of Live Eat Learn

Everyone who’s into plant-based eating knows about jackfruit pulled pork, but as it turns out, oyster mushrooms do an equally good job of cooking down into a pullable meat substitute. And unlike jackfruit, which is generally sold in a can, you can get oyster mushrooms fresh. Use any barbecue sauce you like; there are many available now without refined sugar, if that’s something you’re trying to avoid. This mushroom-pulled pork would be great wrapped into corn tortillas, or as a sandwich filling with slaw on top.

Try the recipe from Live Eat Learn.

2. Lentil Soup with Quinoa and Mushrooms

Mushrooms, quinoa, and French lentils combine to make a hearty, stew-like main dish. For anyone who’s on the fence about lentils because they don’t love the mushy texture, consider giving French green lentils a try. Known as “vegan caviar,” they don’t break down as much as brown or pink ones and have a faintly nutty, peppery flavor. Fresh thyme and balsamic vinegar add a punch to the cremini mushrooms, which stand up nicely to cooking without losing texture.

Try the recipe from The Modern Proper.

3. Air Fryer Mushrooms

By skipping the breading that usually accompanies an air fryer mushroom dish, you get an easy main course that’s simple and straightforward (not to mention healthier). We love the seasoning combo, which includes avocado oil, tamari, and garlic. To make them, all you have to do is toss the mushrooms with the seasoning mixture, then air fry for about 20 minutes. Serve this tangy, crispy mushroom dish over a whole grain like forbidden rice or teff, or atop an alternative pasta like lentil or brown rice.

Try the recipe from Running to the Kitchen.

4. Oyster Mushroom Summer Rolls

healthy mushroom recipes: Oyster Mushroom Spring Rolls


Swap the light brown sugar for coconut sugar in this recipe, and you’ve got a pretty impeccably healthful roll. Sesame oil and freshly grated ginger ensure you’ll get all the classic flavors of a typical spring roll, but it’s the oyster mushroom as the main ingredient that makes it really shine. The dipping sauce is quick and easy to make, too.

Try the recipe from Mushroom Council.

5. Portabella Mushroom Tacos

healthy mushroom recipes: Portabella Mushroom Tacos

Courtesy of Love and Lemons

Taco Tuesday is a favorite for good reason: Tacos are delicious, and allow everyone to mix and match their toppings. These mushroom tacos utilize big, chewy portabellas, and are seasoned with fresh jalapeño, shallot, and garlic. Topped with red cabbage, fresh avocado, cilantro, and even more jalapeño, they’re bound to be a spicy hit on your next taco night.

Try the recipe from Love and Lemons.

6. Truffle Mushroom Eggs Benedict

mushroom eggs benedict


This recipe had us at “truffle,” but then it earned our respect with its fabulously healthy ingredient list. Greek yogurt, whole wheat flour, and portabella mushrooms in an eggs benedict? Sign us up. By making your own English muffins, you’ll have the toastiest, chewiest version possible (though we wouldn’t blame you for using store-bought), and we love the idea of hollandaise with a yogurt base. Portabellas have the perfect shape to slip in place of Canadian bacon, and they’ll leave you feeling much more nourished.

Try the recipe from the Mushroom Council.

7. Chicken of the Woods Wings

Chicken of the Woods Wings

Courtesy of Wild Vegan Flower

If you’ve never heard of chicken of the woods mushrooms, you’re in for a treat. Different from hen of the woods, which are darker and thinner, this mushroom both looks, and, yes, tastes a little like chicken. You can air fry or pan fry these chicken of the woods wings, and either way, the spice mixture will give you a zesty chicken wing experience. Plus, nutritional yeast adds an umami quality to this crunchy wing. Swap the flour for a more healthful choice, such as brown rice or chickpea flour, to make these even better.

Ty the recipe from Wild Vegan Flower.

8. Mushroom Masala Curry

healthy mushroom recipes: Mushroom Masala Curry


One of our favorite healthy mushroom recipes, this masala mushroom curry is a Punjabi-style dish in which  button mushrooms meet a spiced tomato sauce. Cumin seed, cardamom, cinnamon, and Indian bay leaf are just a few of the incredibly flavorful ingredients in this curry. You can make it in an Instant Pot, which will guarantee a soft and silky texture, or on the stove. For some added protein, feel free to toss in some cubed, pressed tofu.

Try the recipe from Indian Healthy Recipes.

9. Mushroom-Walnut Meatless Loaf

healthy mushroom recipes: Mushroom-Walnut Meatless Loaf

Courtesy of Vegan Huggs

Vegetable loaves have come a long way since the bland 70s versions, as evidenced in this mushroom-walnut meatless loaf with a ketchup glaze. With so many healthier versions of ketchup on the market these days, the glaze can be anything but that old-fashioned sugar bomb we remember from loaves of years past. Fiber-rich flax helps bind the loaf, and rolled oats lighten the texture. Swap the cooked rice for a cooked whole grain to get even more bang for your buck.

Try the recipe from Vegan Huggs.

10. 30-Minute Portobello Mushroom Stir-Fry

healthy mushroom recipes: 30-Minute Portobello Mushroom Stir Fry

Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

Stir fries are the perfect quick, weeknight meal, and are a super easy way to make a vegetable-focused dinner. This 30-minute portobello mushroom stir fry includes lime juice and ginger for brightness and tang, and maple syrup as a sweetener. Bell pepper, broccolini, and onion complement the mushrooms well, but you could swap in any other vegetables you have on hand — zucchini, broccoli, and kale would all work equally well. With the suggested brown or cauliflower rice and sesame seeds for serving, this is a nutrient-dense meal in a bowl.

Try the recipe from Minimalist Baker.

11. Healthy Chicken Stroganoff with Mushrooms

Healthy Chicken Stroganoff with Mushrooms

Image credit: Bowl of Delicious

Provided you have some leftover cooked chicken on hand, this healthy mushroom stroganoff takes just 20 minutes to come together. It uses always accessible button mushrooms — and a full pound of them, at that. Because Greek yogurt takes the place of the usual sour cream, this stroganoff sauce has more protein and less fat than the traditional version. We love the recipe author’s suggestion of serving it over whole wheat noodles, but brown rice or lentil pasta would also be great.

Try the recipe from Bowl of Delicious.

12. Farro Risotto with Mushrooms and Peas

Courtesy of The Mediterranean Dish

Though risotto is generally made with white arborio rice, this version with mushrooms and peas utilizes whole grain farro instead. We love that it’s made in only one pan, and takes just 40 minutes in total. The mushrooms in this are baby bellas, also known as creminis. Peas are a nice source of plant protein, and add a comforting element to the risotto, too.

Try the recipe from The Mediterranean Dish.

13. One-Pan Zucchini Noodles with Garlic Mushrooms

One-Pan Zucchini Noodles with Garlic Mushrooms

Courtesy of Paleo Hacks

Sure, zoodles have been around for a while now, but the garlic mushrooms in this one-pan dish breathe new life into the spiralized vegetable. It’s seasoned with healthy coconut aminos and pepper flakes, and has two tablespoons of garlic for two cups of sliced mushrooms, enough to be pronounced without overtaking the dish.

Try the recipe from Paleo Hacks.

14. Ginger and Spring Onion Egg Drop Soup

egg drop soup

Courtesy of A Saucy Kitchen

Simple chicken broth is the base of this ginger and spring onion egg drop soup, which contains a full cup of sliced creminis. Egg drop soup is high in protein — especially for such a light soup — and it has a delightfully soft texture. The hearty half cup of scallions brings a lot of crunch and sharp onion flavor to the soup, and the minced fresh ginger ensures it has plenty of flavor. Plus, it takes only 15 minutes from start to finish, so you can have this ready for dinner even on a busy evening.

Try the recipe from A Saucy Kitchen.

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