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5 Healthy Protein-Rich Ground Lamb Recipes We Love

February 13, 2024
Courtesy of Platings and Pairings

Lamb feels special – it’s often a centerpiece dish at holiday celebrations. But you can make it a part of your everyday meal rotation easily and inexpensively by choosing ground lamb. Ground lamb can do anything other ground meats can do, so you can simply swap it in when you make your favorite ground beef, ground turkey, or ground pork recipes. Here we’ve gathered some super-tasty and easy ground lamb  recipes, showcasing the rich flavor of this healthy protein.

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1. Moroccan Lamb Meatballs

Moroccan lamb meatballs

Courtesy of Recipe Tin Eats

Meatballs are always a crowd pleaser. These tender lamb meatballs are so aromatic thanks to the Moroccan spices (hello coriander, cinnamon, paprika, and more), they’ll make your whole kitchen smell amazing as they cook. The quick mint yogurt sauce is the perfect accompaniment. Serve these in warmed pitas, over rice, or on a salad.

Try this recipe from Recipe Tin Eats

2. Curried Lamb Stuffed Peppers

Curried lamb stuffed peppers

Courtesy of Andie Mitchell

Stuffed peppers are so appealing to the eye – and an automatic way to bump up the vegetables in your meal. These are stuffed with a super-tasty mix of curried ground lamb and cauliflower rice, for a filling, satisfying, and nutritious meal.

Try this recipe from Andie Mitchell

3. Greek Lamb Lettuce Wraps

Lamb lettuce wraps

Courtesy of Platings and Pairings

If you love Greek gyros, this recipe will be your jam. Fill crisp lettuce leaves with savory ground lamb, tzatziki, feta, and fresh herbs – and the best part: It’s on the table in 30 minutes.  

Try this recipe from Platings and Pairings

4. Rosemary Garlic Ground Lamb Potato Skillet

Lamb and potatoes skillet

Courtesy of My Heart Beets

Here’s a one-skillet meal that’s so hearty and comforting, yet also full of good nutrition. Rosemary and garlic are good with everything – but especially so with both lamb and potatoes. Need a shortcut? Start with frozen diced potatoes. 

Try this recipe from My Heart Beets

5. Lamb Tacos

Lamb tacos

Courtesy of Pinch and Swirl

Taco night just got a glow-up thanks to ground lamb. The meat is smoky and a little spicy thanks to chipotle powder, and a tangy lime crema brings it all together. Top it with shredded cabbage, fresh cilantro, avocado, or whatever topping you like best. 

Try this recipe from Pinch and Swirl

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