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5 Quick & Clean Breakfast Recipes That Are Full of Complex Carbs

January 7, 2020
Photo Credit: Feasting at Home

In recent years, the importance of breakfast, once considered to be the most important meal of the day, has been the subject of some debate. Still, there’s plenty of research to support eating breakfast — so long as it’s the right one. The best breakfast recipes include complex carbs, which provide long-lasting fuel for your body and your brain.

But don’t mistake complex carbs for complicated. The term simply refers to foods that are high in fiber and starch, like beans, fibrous vegetables, and whole grains. Here are 5 breakfast recipes that are quick, easy, and full of complex carbs.

1. Tuscan Farmers Breakfast by Feasting at Home

Who said you can’t have stew for breakfast? This cozy bowl of healthy and hearty carbs, filled with fiber-rich white beans and tomatoes, and topped with eggs, is perfect for cold weather mornings.

Bacon cheddar oatmeal

Photo Credit: Macheesmo

2. Bacon Cheddar Savory Oatmeal by Macheesmo

This savory oatmeal breakfast is loaded up with crispy bacon, fresh chives, and eggs. It’s sure to satisfy thanks to the bold flavors and nutritious mix of healthy fats and complex carbs.

avocado toast

Photo Credit: Cupful of Kale

3. Smashed Peas and Avocado Toast by Cupful of Kale

Take your avocado toast to the next  level and top it with some buttery mashed peas with toasted seeds and chili oil. Peas are a great source of healthy complex carbs (they’re a bit higher in starch — thus their sweet taste) and all the avocado equals good fats to get your brain going!

Butternut squash fritters

Photo Credit: Just a Taste

4. Butternut Squash Fritters by Just a Taste

As if we needed more reasons to love butternut squash, along come these butternut squash fritters. They’re crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and packed with fiber. Just make sure to prepare a big batch of them, because it’s impossible to eat just one.

banana pancakes

Photo Credit: Meaningful Eats

5. Banana Egg Oat Pancakes by Meaningful Eats

Banana pancakes are a simple, tasty recipe made with almond milk, bananas, and oats — that’s it! All three ingredients are a great source of carbs.

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